Technology is a Wonderful Thing

I am currently a kid in a candy shop. With a new toy.

A new camera to be exact. A simple little digital point-and-shoot, which has already been tested with semi-nekkid pics of me in my alone time. (okay, more than semi-nekkid!)

A new discovery today was that it has a very effective and easy to use video mode. You can even use it one-handed. :)

As soon as I figure out how to post nekkid video......

Sugasm #80

We had a self imposed hiatus..but we're back in full. I'll be getting some more stuff up here very soon. Thanks to all of the sex bloggers for voting my last entry into the top 3. Sugasm rules!!

Sugasm #80
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.

This Week's Picks
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"Saliva splashed to her hands as she worked me to a mighty stiff erection."
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"With every thrust, I was louder and louder, my hands clawing for something to squeeze besides the brick wall of his building."
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"One by one, I tied the ropes to the cuffs, and then made adjustments so that she was taut, with her arms and legs splayed out."

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Sara X courtesy of Viviane's Sex Carnival.

Memorial Day

I can't shake a sadness today.

Monday is Memorial Day in America. A time to pause and remember our war dead. Soldiers who died in the service of our country. There have been too many.

I served, although I never served technically in combat. Mine was mostly peacetime service in the U.S. Air Force. Although, if you've served you know that there is danger in the military in peace time also. Training o be the sharp edge of the spear. I worked, for example, to train combat pilots - two of them who died in training accidents in high performance aircraft. Fine young men, lost. God bless them and their families.

My small unit did serve in combat in Desert Storm. Some in the combat area, some of us in support stateside. I wanted to go. That's what I signed up for on active duty. But I wasn't sent. I served where I was, and felt like I had a national security mission, but I wasn't in immediate danger.

Another young man was. My age, my rank - a technical sargeant, working in the building next to me. Deployed because of his AFSC - his job skill to a combat zone. Killed a week later. A fine young man. Lost. God bless him and his family. Because of the luck of the draw, I've had 17 years since then to live life and build a family while his family had to go on without him.

His death in the service of our country makes me sad every year on this day. I can't shake it. I remember him.

So many fine young men and women lost, over the years and now in Iraq and Afghanistan in combat, and points around the globe in training. Very sad.

I sent Mrs. SCM out overnight to get some needed rest and refreshing. Partly, just because I wasn't good company.

Monday I'll remember those 3 particular soldiers out of the many dead, as I focus on spending time with my wife and my two young sons. My version of a memorial.

Hey There, Big Boy

My wife has been talking to me about sex. Or, more accurately, we're talking to each other about having sex. That's a positive recent development. Just thought I'd mention it.

I would say that backing off the internet time via this semi-hiatus, and actually paying attention to my wife, is starting to have an effect. On both of us.

Last weekend we were having some rare family time and doing some outdoor sporting activities. My wife looked around the kids at me and said "Save some of that energy for later." With a wink and a smile. That's huge. Re-connecting.

Of course, I've been on the road all week and have not been able to benefit from the renewed mutual lust.

But the holiday weekend looks very promising indeed.

I've been trying to check in on your blogs. How are you all doing out there?

Have a great and safe holiday weekend.

Beauty on a Bus

I saw the most beautiful girl this week. On a bus, in the economy parking lot of a random airport.

Persian, maybe. Smoldering beauty. An electric smile - flirtatious at all times, but not really. Lovely.

Just 5 minutes, but long enough to make an impression on me of just how beautiful a woman can be.

She made my week.

A Blue Hot Horny House Call

I'm horny as all hell. It's that blue hot horny where mere breezes can cause me to get a twinkle in my eye. Well passed the orange horny of "hey, I feel kinda sexy. I've escaped the white heat of imagining every fine woman on the street naked and in the best sexual position created for their body. I'm at the blue hot level where every damn thing is sex. Every. Damn. Thing. It doesn't help that I work with a plethora of fine women. Sweet scents, shapely curves and cleavage have been assaulting my senses all damn day. Alas, I am not succumbing to the urge to strip naked in the streets and avail myself to the sexiest thing near me or fall prey to temptation. This isn't the first time I've been here. Hell, I know firsthand what the blue heat of horny can do to a person.

I was feverish. Literally, I was maybe at 101 degree temperature. I lay in my bed on my stomach flipping my pillow over and over as the cool side constantly evaded me. The flu had swept through campus like a tornado. My body ached, my coughs had left my stomach aching from the continuous muscle contractions and my body went through hot flashes that felt like mini infernos. I answered the phone in near delirium half hoping it was my maker calling to say he'd pick me up in ten minutes and to make sure I had change for the tolls to heaven...or hell.

"No fair, I come up to visit this weekend and you're sick!"

"Hey, Mercedes. Yeah. I'm out for the count. If I can get better I'll hang out with y'all tomorrow." I mumbled. The phone receiver laid against the mattress as my mouth made words slowly into it.

"No! I gotta see you today. Right now!" Her urgency had a familiar ring to it. Then she whispered "I'm hot and horny. I need it inside me right now. A Quickie."

"I'm siiiiiiiiiicccckk". I moaned

"I'm coming over. Is your door unlocked?"

"I don't know. I think my roommate left it open in case the coroner needs to come in and remove my body while he's in class."

She laughed then spoke to our mutual friend who's house she was calling from.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go by and take him some soup. He sounds so sad..ok...She says hope you feel better...huh? yeah I'll go get him some soup and take it to him. No! I'll go by myself. Just stay here so I can hurry back." Then the phone hung up.

I don't know how long it was but I awoke to the sound of the busy signal echoing in my face. I'd passed out without hanging the phone up. Then I heard thunderous sounds vibrating up the steps towards me. The door bust open. Mercedes was wide eyed. She threw off her coat, shed her sweatshirt and her bra-less full breasts bounced gently against her chocolate skin. All I could do was grunt and force my face into the cold side of the pillow. I could hear the nylon pants slide from her slender legs then the tell tale snap of panty elastic.

I felt the cool breeze of the comforter being raised, heard the creek of my twin bed springs then felt her body sliding against mine. Legs, arms and then an incredible cool and firm feeling of her breasts against my hot back.

"Wow you are really warm, you have a fever!"

"Told you I was sick." But the feeling of those tits on my back had an immediate reaction down below. She fished her hand down around me, grabbing hold of the evidence that I wasn't too sick.

"Hard dick! Hard dick! Gimme!" It didn't take long for her to roll me over on my back. As you've seen before when Mercedes wants, she gets. I opened my eyes to see her wide eyes staring at my hard dick. She stroked me hard, feverishly pumping on it like a bike tire trying to force it to full mast. When it wasn't jumping up in 1.3 seconds, she wrapped her cool mouth around the head then bobbed. Her mouth filled with saliva quickly. She was watering at the mouth. Her mouth was cooler than my feverish skin was which added some relief outside of the norm. She worked me. Period. Worked me with deep, strong strokes. Saliva splashed to her hands as she worked me to a mighty stiff erection.

Placing one hand on my chest, she leapt forward like a gymnast mounting the pommel horse. I opened my eyes just as she arched her back and slowly inserted me into her tight gripping sex. Her face contorted with disbelief. As she took me to the hilt, her face registered a sigh of relief. I could feel her deep heat. Her nectar was flowing freely about my member. Mercedes rode slowly. Her hips were mixing a tune that was playing in her head. And there she rode, stroked and gyrated with me and her joined.

I could feel as the head of my dick massaged her spots, both near and deep. Her brown nipples perked pointing straight out. Her now sweaty hand held my chest for balance. I laid there near stiffly, my hands felt the desire to touch her, but my energy wasn't there. I felt like a boxer on the mat at 6....7...8. Mercedes' head rolled on her neck as she played her song...then she sang....the note started low then rose to a high crescendo. Her moans coaxed a song from me. I heard my grunts erupting then felt her sex contracting against me as she came hard. Her flower rapidly flexing against my manly probe. The sweat glistened on her breasts. Her flower, which spread wide to accommodate my manhood, was moist with perspiration and her honey. She bent forward, her hand stiff against my face as she rocked, she could tell I was close and as she led me to my climax she swam the waters of her afterglow.

With great intuition, she slowly removed my manhood from her as my own climax bubbled to the edge. Opening her eyes, she stared into my eyes intently as she stroked me hard and I exploded my own nectar across her stomach, full hard breasts with small gems of a pearl necklace. She wiped the drops from her neck and then slowly from her breasts with her hand then used the back of her hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

"Your dick was so hot inside me. That fever was good, I hope I broke it for you."

Soon, she had collected her clothes and was on her way. I mustered up my energy and headed down to the kitchen for some water.

Sitting on the counter was a can of chicken noodle soup, a spoon, a bowl and the can opener with a note that read. "Get Well Soon." Because after the hot horny is satiated we always come back to our senses.

My name is The Fury, excuse me while I go masturbate now....

Sugasm #79

Sugasm #79
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.

This Week’s Picks
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"Gently, I bit his earlobe, as his hands wandered lower to where i was primed, slick and ready for them."
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"If any moment in that night would’ve gotten me off, that would’ve been it."
Whore Sex Vs. Not Whore Sex, Episode 2 ("I push him down again and have what I want."

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Italian stockings courtesy of Sweat Shop Sissy.

Stopping in Briefly to Mention......

....that I found my wife particularly attractive this morning.

And, acting on that observation, I blew off work for the morning and got laid. (yes, that happens so rarely that it warrants an announcement.)

No, that's not quite right. I didn't get laid. I did the laying. Or, um, licking then laying. Kind of a belated gift in lieu of the one I couldn't find for her last weekend. If her 4 earth-shattering orgasms to my one counts as a gift. Ladies, a ruling?

Not too bad for an old man.

An Hour in the Life of a Lonely Horndog

One hour. A kinky book. A camera. A website to upload to.

Go see. Not safe for work - definitely.
password = scm

Relief, for now.

***** just a post to keep the "semi" in semi-hiatus ******

Sugasm #78

Sugasm #78
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.

This Week’s Picks
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Money shot pic courtesy of How About Now?

Her Lickety Splits

Honey grunted as she slapped me about my head. Her flailing light honey colored hands doing their best to grab at whatever they could. Finally, she gripped my hair and held on. Her hips bucked and gyrated.

"Dammit Fury! Shit!" She screamed as her body shuddered.

My tongue had been dancing around her pussy for just under maybe two minutes and she was already rocking through her first orgasm. I didn't stop, couldn't stop. She was sweeter today. I don't know if it was because we hadn't been together in so long or because she had given herself an extra sweet bath in milk and honey before she came to me. Either way, I flicked my tongue along her warm plump lips up to her clit and played. My tongue softly but firmly drummed against her clit like a boxer's glove against a speed bag all while my lips sucked. Her warmth created an inferno in my mouth which blazed through me down to my rock hard manhood which pumped with my hips against the carpeted floor.

My moist fingers held her firm hips tightly. I did not want her beautifully waxed flower to escape my mouth. My eyes were closed, I was kissing her deeply finding the spots and not letting them evade me. Honey Rider's body shivered, her swollen clit bounced from my mouth. SHIT! My hands slid underneath her, each palming as much of her beautifully round ass as they could. I had the whole world in my palms. Pushing forward, I took in more of her hot sticky sex. I was enraged. I wanted to eat like a lion devouring his first meal after a long day of preying.

"Oooooh" She hummed. "That looks beautiful." She moaned.

For the first time since I began my heavenly tasting, I opened my eyes. Above me was her well manicured landing strip of hair decorating the pretty flower I was licking. Higher up, the sweaty well formed muscles of her belly. Even higher was her soft brown erect nipples poking at the humid air above them. Finally at the top of this land of adventure her face which wasn't looking at me, but to my side. Glancing over, Honey Rider stared at me in the floor to ceiling mirror. Her eyes wavered somewhere between dream state and tight ecstatic convulsion. My mouth danced around her, her eyes clenched tightest, her entire form shaking underneath my mouth as she came again. Her sweet nectar dripped from my bottom lip.

"Oh Fuck me, baby" She commanded. "I need you in me." Without notice her solid body evaded my ass grip and she had rolled over. The evidence of her excitement dribbled from her like champagne from the bottle. I had popped her cork. The essence of Honey Rider pattered against the carpet. "Oh. Wow. I'm sorry." She blushed her face even more flush as her juice stained my carpet.

"It's a beautiful thing." I smiled as she gripped my throbbing dick and placed it between her lips. She gave the head a few quick licks and the shaft some very strong strokes as I reached back, unwrapped the Magnum XL and presented it with fanfare.

Laying on her back, Honey Rider spread her legs wide. This was not spread eagle, more like spread Boeing. Her body in the figure of an upside down capital "T". I introduced my hard stinger to her flower then slowly entered. Her legs broke formation briefly as my mind wandered to a land where the world is wrapped in warm liquid licorice. Her hands wrapped my body and squeezed my ass with every long deep stroke.

Her mouth was filthy this night. She was spewing talk dirtier than Richard Pryor high on all those drugs he used to do and I enjoyed every second of it. If there's one thing I enjoy it's proper fuck talk. Her hands goaded me to delve deeper into the situation and when I reached the end of her, her legs would quake, bend, shake, lose form then spring back wanting more. Our lips kissed a soft, delicate kiss. Our warm tongues danced, soft in flutters of mild mannered grace while below our organs pounded together with urgency. I rolled my sweaty back onto the carpet. Honey stood above me, her thick thighs flexed as she watched herself in the mirror. My pulsing dick stood straight up in the air. She whinced at me, biting her lip. I could only imagine if I were edible she would've taken a large bite with the remnants escaping the sides of her plump pretty lips.

"Come on, Rider. You wanna split? Split on this dick." I spat dirty from my lips. With hesitation, she slowly lowered herself, there on that carpeted floor in front of that mirror. Her hands braced herself and then she impaled her thick light honey colored frame on my manhood. Her deep grunt escaped her lips.

"I ca-can-n't" She grimaced then I went deeper, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she gobbled up more of me. And there Honey paused in a full split impaled on me. Her bubble round ass hovered a scant few inches above the floor. Seeing myself fully engulfed between her incredible rounded ass sent a chill through me. Honey bent her legs forward relieving the pressure and rode me hard.

Her fuck speak was intense, sometimes punctuating her hard thrusts with every. single. word.

"Fuck. Me. Ba-by. Yes. I. Need-ed. This!" She came with a shudder which made her nipples twitter in the air like shaking antenna. She collapsed slowly nodding to her own tune. Her chest rose and collapsed hard with every breath. Then she glanced up at the clock.

"You're gonna be late for practice." I warned. Jumping up, she grabbed her clothes.

"Well I won't have to stretch. You did that for me." She winked. I watched her sweaty curves round the corner into the bathroom. And finally, I exhaled.

HNT #54: Semi-Nekkid-Hiatus

Okay,you caught me blogging in my underwear again:

HNT #35: Jeans

Seriously, we have to stop meeting like this.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, everyone.

Okay, really seriously, I've decided for now to put Semi-Celibate Erotica on semi-hiatus for the Summer at least.

For the usual (for me anyway) reason. Family needs have again flared up and need attending to. Anything that takes time away from that has to be trimmed way back. HNT, unfortunately, for one. I need to do what I need to do, that's all.

What is semi-hiatus? Good question. The answer is that I will still post short posts as the mood strikes me and I can afford the time. Which won't be often. I'll be back to full posting eventually.

Check back in from time to time.

In the meantime, I left you a pretty wicked fantasy in yesterday's post - go read it. Or take the next few weeks and read any of the 280 other posts in my archives. And best of all, you;re always welcome to go re-visit my explicit photo sites:

The password for each album is scm.

I'm not gone, just semi-hiatus. See you, as best I can, around the blogosphere.