The Golden Age

OK, let's get this thing out in the open.

Everyone loves panties. Don't try to deny it; panties are an almost universal passion, one which crosses social and cultural boundaries without exception. You can see them virtually everywhere you look; billboards, magazines, window displays and every known form of electronic media. Which would, of course, include the television and film industries, both of which enjoy a major presence on the web.

Oddly enough, despite the proliferation of cinematic blogsites on the intertubes, there is comparatively little information available on the bra-and-panty genre (if that's the right word). While you can find reams of data relating to petticoats, corsets or even opera gloves in mainstream film, the net seems to have developed a blind spot when it comes to unmentionables.

To demonstrate my point, I ran a Google search for "underwear scenes in film and TV" a few nights ago. I expected to find references to Edison's 'Black Maria' or Vitagraph's 'Mlle Elegantine', but the historical landscape could best be described as an uncharted wasteland. Aside from a few blogs similar to this one, no one seems to have attempted a comprehensive history of lingerie in western cinema

Most of the sites I consulted listed perennial favorites such as Melanie Griffith in Working Girl or Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels, but very few mentioned the unsung heroines the classic era.
A strange oversight indeed, considering that the Celebrated Lingerie Shot has a rich and colorful history stretching back beyond the memory of the present generation - even as far as the long-forgotten era of Monochrome Filmstock.

Contrary to popular belief, gratuitous panty shots didn't begin with Body Double. As most native Brits can tell you, panty-gags were a well-loved staple of 'bawdy' comedy during the 60s and 70s - and that's to say nothing about classic TV shows like Benny Hill, Doctor at Large or The Two Ninnies.

Christine Marie

Descarga mas fotografias de Christine Marie


E Ku Ale Readers! I was browsing over at Amazon recently and came across the above pictured book. Of course that cover shot caught my eye and reminded me of many of Panty Maven's posts. The publisher Taschen seems to specialize in erotic literature and photography books. I own some of their other works which are of good quality, although one book did have pages that were stuck together where the ink hadn't fully dried. It doesn't look good when your guests are thumbing through your erotic coffee table book and some of the pages seem to have been stuck together at some point! ;^P Awful isn't it, but the book came in shrink wrap plastic, so I'm quite certain it was new when I received it.

I do find it interesting that they chose an image of panties on a clothes line to capture the essence of a book filled with erotic pictures. That's really saying a lot when you think about it. Panties must have a very powerful meaning to the erotic centers of our brains. Perhaps it's like in real life, when a couple comes together and the panties are like a fine wrapping paper separating a wonderful gift from your eyes and hands. I suppose in that light, panties would make perfect sense as a cover shot for this book.


Hoy se estrena el primer anal de la actriz Nikki Sexx,uno de los nuevos talentos que viene sorprendiendo en este año.
La escena es para la seccion Pornstar Punishment junto al actor Scott Nails.
El hace de presidente y ella de una supuesta Marilyn con un look muy parecido.

Parece que ahora es Brazzzers la que hace debutar analmente a sus actrices,primero Rachel Roxxx,luego Krissy Lynn y ahora Nikki Sexx.
Este lo hacia Elegant Angel el año pasado,las cosas han cambiado.
Bien por Brazzers y Nikki Sexx!!


Nueva pelicula de Zero Tolerance con enfermeras de lujo,un gran reparto y vestuario con tematica mas para una pelicula de Marc Dorcel.
Reparto: Courtney Cummz, Phoenix Marie, McKenzie Pierce, Sammie Spades, Devon Lee y Riley Evans.
Direccion:Sid Knox
Estrenoi:27 de abril
Destacar:La tematica,la tapa y el gran reparto,todo es una combinacion adictiva y explosiva!!!

Corporate Correspondence

Occasionally my way with words can land me in trouble. It's not so much the spoken word. I'm not the speaker of the house. Generally speaking, I'm a man of few (spoken) words. But the written word has led me into all kinds of territory...

A boring day at work is The Devil's playground. There are tons of drone workers, office zombies, paper pushers and desk jockeys reading this smut right now because they're bored at work. Others are reading this and sexting a co-worker. Some are planning an elaborate workplace prank or setting aim on a fellow cubicle prisoner with their office blaster. Boredom. Work sucks. Doing what you love isn't work, but in this economy (don't you hate that phrase) the employed are lucky to be working...or maybe not.

It was on such a boring humid summer day that I got an email from Honey Rider fairly early in the morning. I was working from home (i.e. in my boxers)

From: Honey
To: The

"What are you doing today?"

From: The
To: Honey

"The same thing I do every day, Pinky. Trying to take over the world."

From: Honey
To: The

LOL You're so silly. This job is boring me to death.

From: The
To: Honey

I don’t know about silly, but I am so damn horny today. I may have to take matters into my own hands momentarily...

From: Honey
To: The

Mmmm me too... You busy later?

And there my friends began a workday long exchange of emails that would make Tiger Woods blush. Our sexy dance of flirtation, taunting and teasing worked each of us into a frenzy of hornytude not seen this side of Venus. The last message before she left her desk looked something like this:

To: The
From: Honey

I'm coming over tonight before I have to meet up with friends. Can’t wait to feel you. Mmm I'm soaked.

I was left to simmer in my own desire. After what felt like a seven hour sustained erection, I needed to release. Honey Rider would be over in a few hours. It felt impossible to last that long with the ideas she'd put in my head. I wanted to taste her sandalwood colored skin. I was practically on fire with the thought of palming her big perfectly round ass. Her ass was a thing of marvel and I stroked myself thinking of it lowering on my stiff manhood. Her nipples would perk and protrude from her smallish breasts almost immediately when she walked in my place. I came in moments, exploding all over a paper towel that had once held three Oreo cookies.

I took a shower and put on a pair of thin pajama pants. The imprint of my dick was very present in the soft material. I turned on some music. It was sure to be a loud affair and people were coming home from work. The neighbors already knew my name. They didn't need to hear it book ended by curses...again.

When the doorbell rang, I could feel an automatic surge in my loins. My earlier explosion was only the edge. Honey Rider was set to feel the full vastness of my rabid lust.

She smiled as she entered. Her thin wife beater exposed her black bra. Her sweat pants were folded over the top. Even the billowy material couldn't hide the plumptitude (not a real word) of her ass. My hands slid into the back of her waistband and cupped the soft cheeks. My tool pressed against her from behind as I kissed the nape of her neck. With a roll of her head and moans slipping from her lips, she approved of my lack of patience.

I stripped her down to her black bra and panties and guided her on all fours. Kneeling behind her, I nuzzled my face deep in the plump lips of her pussy licking and sucking. Her moans energized me. My hands clasped the globes of her soft ass and pulled her toward my probing tongue as my face pivoted between her spreading thighs and found her clit.


She moaned through her first orgasm.

I watched myself in the mirror as I pulled the thin pants from around the straight arrow of my hard cock. Honey Rider looked around her strong shoulders at me with a hungry smile. She bit her lip when she saw my hand grasping the girth of my manhood.

Readers know that I'm a proponent of the first stroke. It is as eloquent a speech as you can imagine. It is a beautiful note of music. A well cooked meal. The first stroke is cool dessert after a spicy meal. This first stroke sent a chill up both of our spines. Her spine, of course, was arched correctly as I grinded easily inside of her. A deep hard grinding fuck from the back. Her hips worked with me in rhythm.

My hand slapped her soft ass leaving a bright red mark that I rubbed soothing away the pain. We fucked harder. Her dancer's body pushed back toward me, undulated and squeezed me. The pleasured painful expression in her face added energy to my thrusts Our sweaty bodies rolled together as she reached back towards me, grabbed my thigh and cajoled me to fuck her harder. I happily obliged.

The thing about Honey Rider, she was ravenous with thrusts. She liked the feeling of grinding and pawing, biting and squeezing. We did it all.

I took her hands and pulled her back toward me using her arms as the reigns. She screamed for more as we pulverized each others lust. Her screams grew louder and louder egging me on for more.

I pulled free from the puckering grasp of her flower and turned the music louder. It was blaring.

Yet when I returned to her needs, the music seemed like a whisper. I pulled from her and sat on the edge of the bed. Honey Rider didn't lose a step. She knew this position well. She straddled me with her thick thighs, laced her fingers together behind my neck and took every inch of me deeply. Her strong thrusts rocked the bed as she hung from the edge of the bed like trapeze artist. She balanced on my thighs and dick, thrusts and swung.

Look there Ladies and Gentlemen...all with no net.

Just as her moans of passion seemed to crescendo....


She stopped her moans so abruptly that she nearly choked. I covered her mouth with one of the sweaty palms that held her ass.

"Was I too loud?" She said.

With the agility of a Spiderwoman, she climbed from me and sat on the bed, I slowly turned the music volume down then ducked low and snuck into the living room. Peeking through the peak hole I saw a friend of mine waiting patiently for me to answer the door.

"Who is it?" She whispered close behind me startling me.

I shook my head warning her not to speak again. We all have that one friend who is just too patient and persistent. This was he. It came in handy when you needed it. In this case, I needed him to go away quickly.

Honey Rider stood butt naked in the bedroom doorway waiting as I watched him.

"Damn, where is he?" He seemed to think as he slowly backed away from the door and headed away.

I waved her toward me in a quick hand gesture and pointed to the window. Honey slowly peeked through the blinds and nodded confirmation that he was in his car and leaving.

"Gone." She said.

"And look at that..." I purred.

Honey Rider was perched on the couch on her knees. Her smooth physique bent just so her waiting flower poked from beneath her thighs. Sweat glistened across her back.

"What you looking at?" She grinned. "Umphh...mmmmm....UHHHHH" She moaned as I entered her from the back. Her breasts pressed against the material of the couch as I pressed deeper.

"Give me more..Give it to me..." I chanted as we fucked harder.

Outside, people in suits and uniforms made it home after a long boring day at work. Some, certainly, walking into their own day ending adventure, but none as good as mine.

They call me The Fury; my words have gotten me in trouble, my mouth has gotten me in more.

Today GrannyPantyBurlesque channel's odometer went over 100,000 views

...on YouTube since it launched Christmas Eve!

Seriously:  thank you all so much for watching my videos.  Your interest will keep me making them, and dreaming up new costumes and ideas.  And thanks for your sweet comments.  Really.


Hoy en la seccion Pornstars la diosa pelirroja del porno,Faye Reagan o como se llamaba anteriormente Faye Valentine,es una actriz que me encanta por varios motivos,su aspecto inocente,esa piel blanca que me hace acordar de la poco activa Stoya y sobretodo sus tetas,totalmente naturales con los mejores pezones del negocio,hinchados,puntiagudos y bien rosados en donde siempre estan erectos..son una obra de arte.

Luego decir que es una buena actriz con escenas muy buenas y donde esta trabajando cada vez mas seguido,es una verdadera apuesta al futuro simplemente le falta dar el gran paso.

Algunos de sus datos como que nacio el 19 de septiembre de 1988 en Las Vegas, Nevada.
Es conocida por ser pelirroja, pecosa de cara, pezones hinchados y está representado por la agencia A List Talent.
Su primera escena interracial fue con Jack Napier de 2007 en la película The Gauntlet 3. En la misma película también tuvo relaciones sexuales con 23 hombres, y realizó su primera escena creampie,uffff!! sin desperdicio.

Ella no realiza sexo anal en pantalla.En mayo de 2008 se presentó como una de las cuatro chicas de portada de "Fresh New Faces" de Adult Video News.
Ella apareció en la 12ª convención anual de LA Erotic en el Los Angeles Convention Center en junio de 2008. A Reagan se le ha relacionado con algunos compañeros de la industria como Dane Cross, con quien ha trabajado frecuentemente, desde 2007. Apareció en un catálogo impreso de American Apparel en octubre de 2008, como "Jillian".

Destacar que se luce muy bien en las escenas con otras actrices de tematica lesbica, ella se considera Bisexual.
Tambien es ganadora de 6 premios AVN y 2 premios XRCO,en ambos premios gano como mejor New Starlet 2009,semejantes triunfos para tener solo 21 años y dar mucho mas en la pantalla.
Una actriz para seguir y disfrutar sus pasos,admito que no soy amante de las pelirrojas pero Faye me puede!!!



Morena haciendo una entrevista sobre Tuning.Primera parte

Rabecca's Secret

Mija Readers! I'm afraid I have a bit of bad news for you today. In the past I have written about Rabecca's Secret and Panty Belles, two sites run by the same couple which featured mainly pictures of the wife, Rabecca. As you can see from the pictures above, she is a stunningly gorgeous blond who modeled various full cut satin and nylon panties.

Rabecca's Secret has been gone for a while, and I had assumed that Panty Belles would continue on in it's place, but sadly it too has disappeared from the web. I'm not sure if they ever signed off or if it just disappeared one day. I hope they're both doing fine and that the lovely Rabecca will continue thrilling us with her pictures in the future.


Llego la hora de ver en accion a este encanto de actriz que simplemente tendria que poner algo mas de pasion en sus escenas.
Kayden Kross debuta en Digital Playground con una peli llamada The Smiths en donde parece un drama de celos.
Reparto:Jennifer White, Kayden Kross, Kortney Kane, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Riley Steele, Scott Nails, Tommy Gunn.
Estreno:4 de mayo
Destacar:Que un debut de estos hay que verlo obligatoriamente,para ver como se adapta Kayden al estilo de esta compania.
Una mas que se une al gran momento de Jesse Jane,Riley Steele y Raven Alexis que son las que mas actuan.



La blonda numero uno de todos los tiempos fue agredida por su actual pareja Tito Ortiz. El mismo fue arrestado esta mañana por delito de violencia doméstica en contra de Jenna Jameson en la casa que cohabitan con sus gemelos en Huntington Beach, California. La policía en el lugar dijo que Jameson tenia" lesiones visibles ".

La version de Tito ortiz
Según su abogado, Chip Matthews, Jenna ha estado abusando de los analgésicos OxyContin durante más de un año y cuando tuvo una recaída se enfrentó a Tito que le recrimino por los medicamentos que encontró luego ella se puso nerviosa y perdio el equilibrio desde un lugar alto."

La version Jenna Jameson
Ella dice que dijo algo muy hiriente para el ego de Tito, por lo que el la tiró a una bañera y le rompió dos ligamentos en su hombro(pobre Jenna).

Dicen que esta situacion no tiene arreglo y que la relacion esta terminada.
Una pena que Jenna despues de alejarse del porno y haber sido madre siga con algunos problemas,es mas se rumoreaba que podia cantar y sacar su disco.
Veremos que pasa.
Fuentes:Genesis y Tmz.

Monday Panty Review

Buokaye Readers! How was your weekend? Did you get nice and relaxed? I thought a panty review would be a great way to kick off the week!

Featured above is yet another of my newer VS panties. These lovelies come from the Intimissimi line. The material used on these is very nice; smooth and soft with a beautiful shimmer to it. The feeling against the flesh is exquisite. The cut is semi low rise, yet full in back, almost a tap or boy short in style. I've put on a few pounds recently, but they still seem just a tad snug for their size in my opinion.

A seam runs up the center of the back panel, very nice design element which accentuates that area well. Matching colored lace runs from the outer hips down around the leg openings. Where the lace meets the waistband at either side, the two sides join as it follows the edges of the front and back panels forming a little lace flap overlap at either hip and giving them a more sheer and light appearance.

The waistband is gathered and has a nice rippled pattern to it and is pinch sewn at it's base in such a way as it creates a very cute crease and distinct separation between waistband and body sections. Lastly, there is the signature VS bow at the front of the waistband accented nicely with a tiny sparkly crystal making the whole piece so irresistibly feminine and cute. To my eye they have a Victorian or old fashioned look to them that I find pleasing. I apologize for the wrinkliness of the panties in the pics, but I basically just pulled these out of my drawer and took pics of them, no time for ironing.

One last thing to note is that coming from the Intimissimi line of lingerie, they have the long info tags inside which stick out during wear if one is not careful. Most likely they're meant to be trimmed or removed all together, but I like to keep the tags on mine, so it can be a problem when walking about in public. I have a few panties from this line and they all seem to share that trait with each other. Not a big deal, but I thought it worth mentioning. Oh, and also of note, the crystal can occasionally get caught up on the inside of your pants if there is anything there to grab. This happened to me a couple of times when it got entangled with a loose string on the waistband of my cotton pants. Not the panty's fault at all mind you, but again something I thought you might want to know.

All in all, I really love these panties from both design and comfort aspects. As far as I know they should still be in stores near you, although they have been around a little while, so you might want to get down there fast if you want them.

Foro Belleza del dia

Estoy probando un foro gratuito en la pagina foroactivo lo cierto es que queda bastante bien y es muy configurable, no se si tendra utilidad para el blog , tampoco se si durara mucho online ya que en este tipo de sitios no les hace mucha gracia ver mujeres en pelotas.
Os dejo la direccion a ver que os parece, se admiten sugerencias.

Foro Belleza del dia