Blogging the New Year

Here I am again. Unexpctedly on the road again in a hotel - away from Mrs. SCM on New Year's Eve! Sad. Very sad.

A hotel with a bar, at least. Happy couples all around me, dancing the night away minutes from the big kiss.

So, with a cold brew in hand and a good view of the sexy girls in party dresses on the dance floor (eye candy!), I'll share New Year's Resolutions:

1. More and better sex and romance:

- of the marital kind preferrably
- romance, because I'm that kind of guy
- sex, because....just because! Good sex. Tender sex. Rough sex. Kinky sex.

I've given that last one some thought in the last two days. Oh, yeah. I have a plan. I'm going to be pushing the boundaries in 2009. It's either going to get better or break. I'm hoping for better. I'm making changes, taking charge. Mrs. SCM does not know what is coming her way, but I'm going to do my damndest to make it a banner year.

2. Ah hell, do you really care what the other 9 are?

Happy New Year's, everyone out there in blogland. You were all awesome in 2008.

Happy New Year!!!

Bonjour Readers! Thanks for spending time here at the Badside throughout the 2008 year. I had a good time posting stuff for you all to read and look at, hopefully you've enjoyed it. Your Badside upped production and was able to hit the 100 post mark exactly as we end the year... not too shabby eh? Woo Hoo!!

Well, as the year draws to a close, as I have done in years past, I encourage you to pop your cork at the cock/clit stroke of midnight. It may happen a lot more this year since the celebration is toward the middle of the week instead of the weekend (lack of parties and all). What better way to kick off the new year than having a well deserved orgasm? I'm unsure of my plans thus far, so I may or may not have the opportunity to do this myself, but you can rest assured I'll let you know of any naughty activity that takes place!

Have a great one everybody and stay safe!

A Look Over the Shoulder

At the beginning of 2008, I made a list of resolutions for the blog. We all know how resolutions go...let's see how we did in completing the tasks ahead of us. Here's one last look over the shoulder, I like that look. The look she gives right before I slide into a new year ;-)

1. Get invited to a sex party: Hmmm Technically this happened. I couldn't go and the person that told me about it ( a reader and God Bless her) knew I wasn't going, but she asked if I would go. And it was in another state, but this counts... GRADE: C-

2. Post more: I did this. Easily I did this. I even wrote a bunch of stuff I never thought I'd talk about in public even if it's anonymous. I still need improvement. GRADE: B+

3. Introduce some new (old) characters: Misty, Kizzy, Poetry, Almond Joy, Sol, Lotus, Ayo. I was on a roll this year! Both the real and fantasy, I damn near gave up the entire slut bag of a life, I've lived...oh did I say almost..HA! I'm lying...but I did bring some new (old) stuff out for the readers....and I have more!! Just wait until you find out the connections.... GRADE: A (brushing the shoulders off)

4. Make Phoenix post: She posted once and it was hot. I think I once threatened to choke her with my dick if she didn't post...maybe that's why she didn't post..she's such a freak. Maybe next year? GRADE: F

5. Bring in some guests: First there was "Siren" then "Smokey" both wrote incredibly hot guest posts that garnered lots of comments. I want more from both of them this year...and all you other guest posters waiting in the wings. It was less than my once a month idea, but shit they were hot. GRADE: B

6. Shake the writing up: I tried...not sure if I succeeded, but I did get some offline comments and emails about the writing. GRADE: YOU TELL ME..

7. HNT: Ehhh, things got complicated. This moved even further from being possible. GRADE: N/A

8. Design Change: For bad or good this place looks the exact same. Should I change? What would you like to see if anything? GRADE: F

9. Get more lurkers to comment in private or public: A small amount of private emails slid into my box, two very intriguing in person compliments from those new to the circle of trust and a couple of lurkers poked their heads in to say hello officially. See I told you I wouldn't bite:-) GRADE: B-

And HOLY SHIT! This year we received 223,000+ page views with 133,000 first timers (lurkers) to The Dirty Details. You can do that math, but obviously that's much better than the fucking economy growth. That sounds like quite a nice way to end the year.


So, have a wonderfully sexy New Year. I'll be back with lots more next year. Oh there's still plenty to confess and lots more lurkers to conjure out of the dark spots of the confessional. How shall I begin the new year? What would you like to hear about? Who would you like to hear about? What would you like to see?


Asi parece y es que sus problemas con las deudas no eran joda,yo me entere por mi colega PORNOGAFAPASTA que en su web publico esto:La actriz de 40 años Janine Lindemulder fue condenada ayer lunes a seis meses de prisión por un delito de evasión de impuestos. Janine se confesó culpable en agosto y admitió haber realizado la compra de una casa, dos vehículos y un piano siendo consciente de la deuda con hacienda de 200.000 dólares. Según los informes, la actriz gastó más de 750.000 dólares entre 2000 y 2006 ignorando deliberadamente la deuda con el fisco que arrastraba desde 1996.
La chica Vivid deberá entrar en prisión el día 10 de marzo y tras su pena pasará un año en libertad vigilada viviendo en un centro residencial correccional de la comunidad durante otros seis meses. Además, deberá abonar al Gobierno los 294.000 dólares que debe.
Una pena por que es una grande de verdad,espero pase rapido este mal momento.
Bien por pornogafapasta y su primicia si quieren saber mas del tema vayan al enlace.

Give & Take

I want to be blindfolded. Take away my ability to know what is coming next. To prepare for that which is about to happen. Make me wet wondering what you are doing and ache to know where you will touch me next.

Don't tie me up. I can't stand not being able to touch, to take. I can't give you that kind of control. I need to be able to move and to grind. I need my hands free to explore your body and my legs free to wrap around you.

Give me another woman to taste. Let me know the softness of her kiss and the slope of her curves. Let her lap up my honey while I stroke her silky hair. Watch as our legs intertwine and hips sway to the slow dance of lust.

Give me another man to fuck. Push me on all fours and take me from behind as I take his cock into my mouth. Wonder which cock I am enjoying more. Let him pin me down while you have your way with me. Switch up and see how much I can take.

Don't fall in love with me. Fall in love with being with me. Enjoy the time, crave the connection. The sex can be slow and tender. Thoughtful and sugar sweet. The laughter and easy conversation part of the whole. My legs in your lap and my heart in your hands.

I want to spend time with you. Locked away from the world and the cares. To do naughty things in corners and on counters. To walk around naked and bare and fuck as I please. Wake me up with your hard cock demanding attention. Let me bring you breakfast in bed.

Take me to lakes where I can strip down and dive in. Take me to mountains where I can climb to the top after I've climbed into you. Take me to parties and show me off to your friends. Take me home. Take me to bed. Let me take you to heaven.

Take control of me. Give me your trust and I will give you my submission. Orchestrate with confidence. I want you to tell me. Tell me in a whisper or tell me in a growl. I don't want choices. I don't want you to hesitate. Know what I need. Give me what you've got.

Give me a chance to strip for you. A chair in the middle of the room and slinky, sultry, songs. Clothing removed layer by layer revealing straps and satin and silk. My ass rubbing against your crotch and your hands full of my tits. Skin and soul exposed and offered up.

Give me.
Take from me.


Hola Readers! I went down to the mall last night. It was crowded, lots of people running all about. Of course I had to stop in and check out the Victoria's Secret sale. The place was a mad house with all the panties out in shallow bins on top of tables. The store was packed with women browsing the goods. I noticed a couple of other guys in there as well. They were with their ladies though as opposed to me, a perverted dude by himself! ;^P Anyway, the guys looked like a mixture of nervous to be in there and giddy excited that their women were buying lingerie. One guy was going through the panties and he and his girl were giggling at what they'd find in the piles. I didn't buy anything, just looked around briefly (pun fully intended).

Also on sale 'til the end of the year, the Fleshlight masturbation device for men. I own one of these things, (it's my one and only masturbation toy 'sides these two hands of mine) and I can recommend it. At first I found it to be a little strange feeling. It's not like a real woman, there's obviously no interaction or feedback coming from it, but it does feel pretty good once you are accustomed to the sensations. I bought an "Ice" model, that's the clear one, because I thought it was a little less pervy than the pink version, but I DO NOT recommend it. I discovered after buying it, that the clear versions of Fleshlights are stickier than their colored counterparts. The stickiness makes it very hard to handle, imagine one of those rubbery, goo toys that stick on the wall when you throw them, except this is a giant one. It makes it harder to insert into it's sleeve and harder to clean up as well. I have noticed that it has lost some of it's stickiness over time, but I still recommend the pink or mocha versions which are supposedly a bit less sticky. Whichever you choose, now is a great time to treat yourself to one of these toys since you can get 20 percent off, just type in promo code KISS08 at checkout.

Surfing the Sexual Smorgasbord on Craigs List

Something I like to do when I’m lonely or blue or fruitlessly horny is to surf, especially the “casual encounters” section.

I’m not talking about using CL to try to actually hook up with another living person or persons for NSA (no strings attached) sex. That’s mostly an exercise in frustration and disappointment. Not that I would know…

I’m talking about surfing CL for amusement and titillation. Sort of a sexual amusement park or a university level sex education. Surf it to watch other people trying to hook up. It’s amateur porn at it’s best. There are some hot pictures of real people on there if you work for it, just a right-click from being in your hidden porn folder. Plus the erotica of people pitching a sexual encounter in just a few lines.

I have two tips for you to enhance your CL surfing experience:

1. Go traveling. Don’t just focus on where you live, although that’s a good starting place. Go bigger. Go exotic. Go to the “cities” column and start picking out big cities that might have hot people in them trying to hook up. Places known for hot bodies and/or sin. Las Vegas of course – I check it weekly. Miami, LA, Orange County next – all featuring a high percentage of the beautiful people. Work your way through Chicago and New York. It’s cheaper than airfare.

2. Open all of the casual encounters categories one by one and explore. Here are some for starters:

a. M4W (men for women): the heart of NSA sex. Lonely men desperate for the hook up. Trying to sell themselves, usually with dick pix and/or promises of great oral ability.

b. W4M (women for men): a sea of enticing but mythical ads. There are no real women looking for NSA sex on CL. Just traps for lonely men, taking them to pay sites.

c. M4M (men for men): Wow. NSA at it’s purest – hookups on the downlow. Tops looking for someone to take their load. Bottoms looking to take them. This section is very real, and has a language all it’s own. Lots of dick pics.

d. W4W (women for women): my favorite surfing zone. Lesbian, bi, and bi-curious women seeking each other. (Pausing while I am imagining them kissing. Yeah. Okay, I’m back). Some fakes here, but they seem mostly real. Femmes and Studs. Two types: women really wanting to lick kitty or have their kitty licked (NO COUPLES, NO MEN!!!), and women that have a man that will join or watch. A few sexy girl pics to be found in the mix.

e. MW4MW (couples for couples): the lifestyle. Swapping, either soft or full. Hot couple pics found here, either clothed or in the act. Penetration pics.

f. MW4W (couples for women): Couples looking for the unicorn – the single sexy female that will swing with them. Either for the wife alone of hubby will join in. If you’re a female willing to be with a couple, the world is your oyster here. You could have a date every night, it seems. Couple pics here, but usually individual of the male and the female. Selling her bi-ness and his package.

g. MW4M (couples for men): This is a mixed bag. Couples wanting an extra straight guy to double team her. Wanting a bi-guy to have contact with him, though more rare. Cuckold men looking for a “bull” for their hot wife. Domme females looking for an extra sub. Not as many pics in this section.

h. W4MW (women for couples): mythical unicorns. Enough said.

i. M4MW (men for couples): men in their 40’s trying to find the NSA sex via a couple, having given up on finding a unattached lady.

j. Exotic categories: I particularly like to look at the m4ww category – hey might as well throw the hail mary pass. If you really want to get out there, try the t4m (tranny for men) category. See if you can find a good picture of a “passable” transvestite or cross-dresser looking to hook up with a guy.

Did I leave anything out?

It’s a veritable sexual smorgasbord on Craigs List. An eye-opener, I think. An education, no doubt. Happy surfing.

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Es que Sophia Rossi lo tenia todo,un cuerpaso contundente y voluptuoso,un rostro con glamour y encanto,e increiblemente nadie le ofrecio un contrato generoso despues que se desvinculo con CLUB JENNA la verdad que con pocas peliculas filmadas mantengo un grato recuerdo,hermosa por donde se la mire creo que ella opto por volver a su vida normal y estar mas con sus hijos...que sera de la vida de Sophia nadie sabe pero la extrañamos.

Sophia nació en el 77 y se crió en Las Vegas. A los 15 años comenzó a trabajar como modelo y a los 17 años se mudó a Japón durante un año para dedicarse a ello profesionalmente. Más tarde estuvo viviendo durante varios meses en Hawaii y en Europa. Después se mudó a Los Angeles, California y además de modelo comenzó a trabajar como actriz. Conoció a su marido con el que se casó y se mudó a Scottsdale, Arizona, donde tuvo dos hijos. Mientras vivía en Scottsdale, Sophia dejó su carrera de modelo y actriz y fue a la universidad para convertirse en matrona. Nueve años después se divorció de su marido y en 2002 se mudó de vuelta a su hogar, Las Vegas, retomando su carrera como modelo y actriz. Durante este tiempo también fue bailarina en conciertos de Kid Rock. Siendo frecuente para Sophia relacionarse con personalidades famosas gracias a su trabajo, conoció a la actriz porno Jenna Jameson, con la que entabló amistad.

En 2005 Jenna estaba trabajando en aumentar el éxito de su compañía, ClubJenna, y estaba buscando actrices porno para que trabajasen exclusivamente para ella. Durante un partido de fútbol americano de la Superbowl al que Jenna y Sophia asistieron juntas, Sophia decidió que quería ser actriz porno y Jenna le ofreció un contrato exclusivo con su productora, ClubJenna. Sophia volvió a mudarse a Scottsdale, Arizona, donde se encuentra la sede de ClubJenna. A pesar de que Sophia nunca antes había trabajado en la industria del porno, pronto se hizo muy famosa en la industria gracias a su prestigioso contrato y por ser una de las estrellas exclusivas de ClubJenna.

Su primera película porno, Sophia Syndrome, que protagoniza junto a Jenna Jameson, fue lanzada al mercado en el verano de 2006. En mayo de 2007 su contrato exclusivo con ClubJenna finalizó y no fue renovado, dejando así Sophia de formar parte de la productora.

Rossi's Revenge (2007)
Sophia's Private Lies (2007)
Jenna's Provocateur (2006)
Sophia Revealed (2006)
Sophia Syndrome (2005)

Creo que actualmente podria trabajar para companias como Wicked o Vivid tranquilamente y ser una de sus actrices principales,pero lamentablemente nos quedamos con el RECUERDO de ella en accion.

Deep Throat

Welcome Readers! A quick post today, I just wanted to note that skin flick director Gerard Damiano passed away. This happened a couple of months back, but I didn't hear or read of it until recently. He was famous for directing "Deep Throat", credited by many as the film that made porn mainstream. I hear this film referenced a lot in 70's stuff, (people asking others if they'd seen it or want to go to see it together, etc), not to mention the use of the name in the infamous Watergate scandal. That actually confused me a lot before. When I became aware of porn and I'd hear in school about the Watergate scandal, I wondered which used the name first. I didn't think it could have been the porn title being used as a name in such a serious case, but in the end it really was exactly that. Strange times those must have been! I watched it once on tape, it was an odd movie to me. It's sort of a comedy, not really something that would make me feel horny, or at least that's what I rememeber of it. I found that sweet Andy Warhol-ish art pictured above depicting Ms Lovelace doing her thing in the movie. Nice!

AMY REID ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Si,dificil de creer pero es verdad lo hizo para la famosa web BRAZZERS en la saga like it big y hace de zombie rarisimo pero vemos que brazzers tiene imaginacion para todo.
Amy es portadora del virus al igual que otras mujeres que hacen de extra en la escena y el actor Keylan tiene el antidoto y es nada mas ni nada menos...que su semen jaja!! cuando no.
En lineas generales todavia estoy sorprendido de este acto es raro y miren que me gustan los zombies y vampiros pero cada vez veo mas en actos porno.
Pero digamos la verdad yo con una zombie asi me dejo chupar,morder y lo que quiera es que Amy sigue siendo hermosa y exitante aunque interprete este papel.
Recomiendo que vean la escena vale la pena y creo que no cualquiera quedaria bien en este papel,primero por que es zombie y queda hermosa igual,capaz que otra ...quien sabe y segundo que es meritoria su actuacion.
Bueno no sigo mas,les dejo las fotos.


La compania New Sensations llego a la edicion numero 100 de la saga I LOVE en donde se concentran en hacer una pelicula dedicada a una pornstar.
Por ejemplo he visto a varias de mis preferidas en estas peliculas como Amy Reid,Lela Star,Ashlynn Brooke,Rebeca Linares y Audrey Bitoni entre otras.
En esta edicion se hace un recopilatorio de 30 escenas en 4 discos con mas de 12 horas de filmacion..vaya!!!! obligacion tenerla.
Estas son algunas de las actrces que veremos Carrie Ann, Amy Ried, Riley Mason, Jessica Moore, Lela Star, Rebeca Linares, Katja Kassin, Sammie Rhodes, Julia Bond, Maya Hills, Shawna Lenee, Tia Tanaka, Audrey Bitoni, Ashlynn Brooke, Maya Hills y Gianna.
La peli salio el 22 de diciembre.


Estoy expresandome sobre las entradas Afteravn,si se hara una mega party despues de la entrega de los premios AVN Y habra mas de 3000 personas del ambiente,estara el DJ Jonathan Peters (votado mejor DJ en América del DJ Times).
La fiesta sera logicamente el 10 de enero en las vegas,en el studio 54.
Que darian por una entrada de estas e?
Aqui algunos de los invitados y si agrandan la imagen de abajo veran mas de ellos.
Flower Tucci, Lisa Ann, Mason Moore, Kara Tai, Missy Stone, Sunny Lane, Kayden Kross, Alexis Texas, Casey Parker, Morgan Dayne, Heather Seda y cientos más!
Esto es lo que llamo la crema de la crema!!!!!!


Alektra fied es lo ultimo de la hermosa y multifacetica ALEKTRA BLUE y es una peli de buen nivel por lo que pudimos ver,tiene garantia Wicked y la direccion de Brad Armstrong aparte de un buen reparto con:Alektra Blue, Jada Fire, Tanya James, Veronica Rayne, Barrett Blade.
Alektra cada vez encabeza mas peliculas y su carera va en aumento aunque raro es que no tenga ninguna nominacion como actriz en los AVN al igual que Phoenix Marie ,no les parece dudoso...?
La peli se estrena el 2 de enero.


Un clasico de Zero Tolerance la saga FISHNETS en donde veremos a las actrices muy bien vestidas y con medias bien sensuales y eroticas ya que esa es la tematica de la pelicula.

En esta sexta entrega veremos que en la tapa sale otra diosa del circuito Shayla Stylez...pero claro que trabaja Tory y de que manera...como solo ella lo hace,bestial.


VS Ruffles!

Welcome Readers! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Did Santa bring you what you wanted? No? Maybe you were naughty again! Well, luckily for you the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale is on so maybe you can find what you wanted after all. They had some really cute ruffled panties, but they're all gone. :^( Hope some of you got a few pairs for yourselves. I thought the sale usually started in January. Maybe with the economy in a downturn they had to start it early this time. I really like the panties pictured above, they have the ruffles I love and garter straps too...very nice!


Estas dos bellezas han tenido un año extraordinario,de gran futuro ambas se presentaron en Connecticut en la boutique LUV para promocionarse,tambien se hizo presente Ashli Orion que parece muy bonita pero no la registro mucho,ya que tiene simplemente 20 años y ha trabajado principalmente para webs.
Aqui unas fotos del evento que parece fue muy divertido y algunos tips.
Fotos sacadas por Smash pictures.

Recordar que Tori Black esta nominada como mejor starlet en los premios AVN,su año ha sido de lo mejor con un gran avance y buenos trabajos,es una de las favoritas pero la tendra dificil ante la dificil y palida Stoya,tambien estan Angeline Valentine,Jayden James y Priya Rai que son de mi gusto.

Phoenix Marie tiene uno de los cuerpos mas generosos del ambiente,abundantes curvas y unos ojos para perderse son de los principales encantos de esta chica que no para de filmar.
Mirar sus ultimos trabajos para Elegant Angel,Jules Jordan Video y Evil Angel.
Su cambio de look en el pelo la favorece enormemente,si no mirar sus inicios.

Tori tambien esta nominada a mejor escena en Pretty as they cum,una pelicula muy recomendable a mi gusto de las mejores 10 del año en genero gonzo.


Despues de esta navidad parece que Erik Everhard (actor y director) sigue buscando cavidades anales ya que saca su sexta entrega de esta pelicula.
Por lo que vi mas de lo mismo y eso quiere decir que es muy bueno,arrancando con que el amigo Jules Jordan parece que presto su novia (Jenna Haze)para que Erik y Mark Ashely le peguen un polvaso bestial en una de las mejores escenas de la pelicula.
EL REPARTO: Jenna Haze, Lisa Ann, Sasha Grey, Bobbi Starr, Eva Karera, Dakoda Brookes
Como veran el reparto femenino es de lujo en donde Lisa y Sasha estan bestiales,no olvidarme de la buena escena de Dakoda una de las chicas con gran futuro en la industria y destaco principalmente a Bobbi Starr en una escena con tres actores que prenden fuego.
La peli dura 4 horas y media y tendremos 40 minutos de eyaculaciones en high definition,sale el 8 de enero.
Bien fuerte y gonzera como la mayoria de las producciones de Erik en donde esta vez el reparto es muy bueno,les dejo algunas imagenes.