Insect. Is that what I am? Nothing more than a primitive creature, little more than a beating heart and nervous system? This morning I was accosted by a mosquito. Despite my free hand swatting it away, it continued its futile attempts at using me as a food source. It did make me think, of how my own lust mirrors so precisely this same innate yearning. Oh how I hunger for pussy, wet and moist, just as this little mosquito hungers for blood. And blood is the only thing that will satiate it's hunger, pussy is the only thing that will satiate mine. My proboscis stands out waiting to slide into it's intended target, it's ultimate goal to pump it's seed deep within, pulsing as it does so, as if by a tiny heart located within it's stiffness. My mind is blank, drawn to pussy like a moth to flame. Men will give up anything for pussy, risking injury or even our lives just like the little mosquito.


A bead of sweat trickles down between my heaving chest, just as our comingled cum trickles out of my now tender pussy. The hair at the nape of my neck is wet and knotted from his sticky fingers. Breathing slows. You're good, I say. You're better he says.

When he pulls his cock from my depths I am momentarily taken aback by the vacant, empty, feeling I am left with. I protest and thrust up my hips to keep him within a second longer.

He's possesed. The wild animal unleashed and pounced. He moves me and pulls me how he wishes. I'm at his mercy and he wants it rough. I am pinned and pounded relentlessly. Who is my whore, he growls. I am, I answer. He cums, with a final, to the core, thrust.

He slows down his fucking to the point I think he's going to stop. Holding himself inside of me, still. My eyes open and he's looking right at me, watching me. He pulls all the way out and waits for my groan of disapproval. Beg, he says. Please, I say. And he slides all the way back in. The rush of relief breaks my resolve and I cry out in release.

Naked and on my knees I suck his cock, looking up at him for approval. My hair hangs over my face, over his balls, over his lap. With his big hands he gently brushes it back to improve his view. I work his shaft diligently. Eager little slut that I am.

He's removed my heels, my blouse, my skirt and my bra. Naked, save for the skimpy little fabric covering my sex. The panties he saves for last. I suck in my breath as he grabs the center of them with one hand and rips them from me. Seams and thread no match for his hunger.

He pulls me into him immediately, without a word. Lips and tongues meet urgently in greeting. Hands gripping and roaming over clothing. He breaks momentarily to appraise me head to toe. Hello beautiful, he says. Hello lover, I reply.

Kung Fu Theater

Pree shook her head as she rose from the tire and chain swing that swung in the middle of the park. Hmmm, I brushed by her and took a seat, adjusted myself and gave a light heave ho.

"I like this. I could do one of these in my bedroom." I said.

"A harness?" She questioned almost deadpan. Obviously The Fury charm didn't work on her. This is why we were usually suited as flirting friends.

Was I the only one tipsy from whatever the fuck that concoction was that the bartender mixed together? The fucking stars at night were big and bright (clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of...uh..Downtown. New York had the steady buzz of a Spring day and Pree's mousse brown skin was dancing in the heavy blink of nearby neon signs.

Walking back up the path toward the park exit, I watched her wide hips and firm round ass sway in front of me thinking "If only..."

We passed an older Asian man doing some form of Tai Chi. A little late for that isn't it Bruce Lee? I didn't have the nerve or the heart to take that first step. I was paralyzed by what ifs. What if I made the first move and she laughed at me? Pulled away? She'd already shown many a time that she was impervious to my kind of Kryptonite. But damn was she sexy...

Her hand took mine along the path and pulled. She was headed straight for a tree. She spun on her heels , turning to me as I took her soft lips against mine. Our kisses were feverish, needing. The games had been played way too long. My hands caressed the soft skin of her face as our tongues played. Warm mouth, soft lips, liquor tinged breath mixing. My heartbeat increased and the hardness of my cock with it. I pressed hard against her body trying to feel what it must be like to be inside her. I could feel her hands clutching the tree then me.

Out in public? I broke the kiss and looked around me.

Old Asian man doing Tai Chi, glancing at Pree and I against the tree.

Stroking her face again I took her mouth, her tongue. Mmm I wonder what this tongue would feel like on my body. I grabbed her round soft ass in my hands and squeezed her tightly against me. Her leg raised, I grabbed it and held it aloft as I sucked her mouth and felt her ass. My dick prodded against my jeans pleading to feel her. All of her.

There were noises in the street.

Out in public.

I broke free.

Old Asian Man doing Tai Chi, glancing at Pree and I against the tree.

"You'll never see these people again." Pree moaned.

I kissed her slender neck and tasted the sweetness of what I wanted. My mouth dipped lower, sucked her firm breasts through her shirt then tugged one from her bra and sucked her nipples hard. Too hard. Her tasty firm nipples were hard in my mouth, responsive. like rubbery pinkies against the roof of my mouth as I sucked. As she moaned. As my hands grabbed at her ass again and her leg again raised. As I pushed harder against her with her back against the tree wanting to slide deeply in her.

Car public.

I slid her nipple back in her shirt and looked around.

Old Asian Man doing Tai Chi looking the other way towards WTC.

"I have to feel it." Pree said as her hand descended my stomach and pushed below my belted waistband. Her hand was warm, her fingers slim and string as she grabbed the shaft of my bulging dick and stroked with skill. I let out a groan. The kind of groan that pleads for more and she knew it. She stroked harder on my hardness as she leaned against that tree and I looked here and there at neon signs and passerby and

The Old Man doing Tai Chi glancing at Pree and me.

Then I reached for her swollen bra and pulled a breast from it. I stared at the sweet half dollar sized areola and the stiff nipple. Just as fucking sexy as I imagined..then I took it in my mouth again and sucked, hard, excited. I wasn't savoring the meal I was diving in and enjoying the morsels like the starved man I was. The starved man that wanted to slide the stiff dick she was stroking inside her slow and hard. She removed her hand fro my dick and pulled me closer by my arms. Moans and groans erupted from her mouth. I liked the sounds she made. We had a rhythm, we were way too familiar, way too knowing, way too early.

"One good stroke deserves another." I panted as I pushed a hand into her pants. Her eyes were half closed, her lips parted, her tongue just grazing the tips of her teeth.

Soft skin, I rushed passed and untangled one small bit of dewy hair as I felt lower. Her lips were soft and immediately gave way to my probing finger. Her pussy was wet with excitement. The feel of her goddess folds excited me more. Her soft moans burned my loins with urgency. I removed my fingers and licked them softly tasting her on my hands. Pree was greedy, she took my mouth and stole her taste from my tongue. I sucked my fingers knowing the rule to never introduce dry fingers to a woman.

"You don't need to do that." She smiled.

"I know." I replied and found her softness again. Two fingers this time. In public.

Old Asian Man doing Tai Chi, watching Pree and me.

I fingered her tight pussy against that tree as our tongues fucked the other's mouth. My eyes looked around. A place...a place..a place to feel her. We needed a place to finally feel each other. Pree's head craned one way while mine the other. People. Public. Tai Chi man. Geez what the fuck is up with tai chi man? Can't he find the fist of the North Star and get the hell out of here?

I removed my fingers from her tight little cunny and licked the slick from my fingers inhaling the lady musk. The scent drove my heart into a frenzy.

"Just one stroke. I'll settle for one stroke." My voice trailed out into the busy streets.

"I want to feel you." She replied. The nearby bench was just close enough for us to slide from the tree. I could sit, she could lower her pants, my dick could find her kitty and then a slow stroke to the hilt. In public.

Some Hispanic bell boy types standing just passed the Old Asian Man doing Tai Chi, acting as if he's not watching me and Pree.

"Would it really be one stroke?" Pree glanced down at the bulge in my jeans.

"Maybe..." I hesitated on the truth that I would be hard pressed to remove myself from her tight little lady if I was allowed inside.

We knew it was time to go. Our audience had seemingly grown. We recomposed ourselves with promises of next time. It was the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. As we exited the park, the Old Asian Man followed. Aint this about a bitch. After all of those years of watching Kung Ku on TV. TV was watching me.

I am The I the man? Sho'Nuff!

Four Weeks!!

Welcome Readers! Today marks a monumental occasion! It's now been FOUR weeks since I last shot a load of cum. Although it's a couple days short of an actual calendar month, what d'ya say I just go ahead and give myself credit for a month anyway? And so it is, that the countdown to cumming has begun. Yes, the hour of ejaculation grows near my friends. And how should the end of this journey be marked? Not by some simple jack off, no. It should be glorious, amazing and memorable. What to do then? Well, I have a plan in mind and todays pictures should clue you in. I've invited some of my lovely female readers to have a personal part in this special event, one I guarantee will not be forgotten. My hope is that they will cast aside any self reservations and send me a pair of their used panties to sniff while I'm milking my man muscle dry. Ladies, does the thought of me getting off to your personal scent turn you on? I'll be waiting to hear from you!

Looking For A Few Good Men

Are you man enough to handle me?

I need a man with mental strength. Don't take my shit. Don't take my sass. I'll push you, and poke you, and provoke you. Trust me I will. I'll keep you on your toes and make you work for it. Can you control me with a look? A single word? Do you have what it takes to keep me on that edge, to keep me guessing? Don't get soft on me. Don't rest on your laurels and let down your guard. Don't give in to me and let me have my way. Be a man.

Are you man enough to handle me?

I need a man with physical strength. Hold me down with a firm hand. It's in my nature to fight back. I won't give in easily. You have to earn it, to want it, to fucking have to have it. Push me, and pull me, and make me submit. Move me, and bend me, and make me yours. A fist in my hair, a slap to my ass, a growl in my ear. Whatever it takes. Make me and break me. Be a man.

Are you man enough to handle me?

I need a man with strength of character. Be confident and take what you want. Don't depend on me. Don't make me your be all and end all. I don't want what I can have, what is given easily. Keep your guilt and your emotions in check. Can you fuck me and not fall in love with me? That is all I ask of you. Be a man.

Are you man enough to handle me?

I will tease you and tempt you. I will say all the right things to make you fall. I will move all the right ways to make you falter. I'll trip you up and push your buttons. I will worship you, and please you, and make you realize you've never had it so good. I'll make you bad, and I'll make it worth your while. Just don't say I didn't warn you. Be a man.

Now I ask you....

Are you man enough to handle me?

Idle Thoughts

Welcome Readers! How are you all? Our model of the day is Cassia Riley from Penthouse. Do check out their website if you get a chance, they have excellent photography. Well, I survived another weekend of stroking and teasing. I had yet another close call followed my a milky urination. Does that count as cheating? This time I actually could see and feel some globs of jism as it came out in my pee. Don't worry, my balls are still very full, bursting really. And how long has it been class? Twenty six days and counting. And now, off the top of the ol' noggin, a ribald tale of carnal delight (part one).

She stood there, legs parted, standing on four inch platform heels, the definition of sex itself. The cool night air felt good on her hot, moist pussy. She'd been longing for some attention all week. I knelt down between her legs, my hands gliding up and down over the silky thigh high stockings, massaging, rubbing, turning up the heat. Her shaved cunt was aching for my mouth and she let me know it, arching her back so her perky tits jutted out, nipples pointing up to the sky above, her ass melting into the my hands. I looked up and saw pure lust in her eyes. Her hands reached down as polished, manicured nails flicked gently at her nipples. My hands joined hers, squeezing at those lovely breasts so that her nipples were even more accessible to her finger tips. She let out a low moan as her hands slid down her body and onto my shoulders. She massaged the muscles there, she felt my tension. Her hands worked to my neck, pausing to again massage the taught muscles before making their way to the back of my head. She ran her fingers through my hair, I turned my head and kissed her hands gently. I put my face on her soft firm belly and smelled her perfume, my hands still kneading her breasts, rolling her nipples between my fore fingers and thumbs. She urged me forward, guiding my head toward her womanhood. Please baby, I need your mouth, your tongue, your love. I tease her and resist, my hands now on her amazing, firm ass, pulling her cheeks apart. She can feel her pussy slightly parting as I work her ass cheeks open and closed. Oooohhh baby, please take me, she pleads, her hands now trying to push my head forward into her. I raise up slightly so that my lips meet her lower belly. I kiss it gently while my hands continue to massage her ass, finger tips edging closer to her dripping cunt. I stand up and hold her tight. Our bodies pressed up against each other, my fully hard member pointed at the ceiling, pressed firmly against her pelvis. She wriggles her chest, rubbing her tits against me. Our hands massage each other's asses, I lick my finger and rub it at her little asshole. She jumps with excitement rotating her pelvis forward, then titling her ass back so far her pussy must have been fully exposed from behind, ass up like a beautiful doe. My fingers make their way forward to her pussy. I trace the outline of her slit, fingertip gliding along on her natural lube. Her hips mirror the motion, her head tilts back as she grooves to the sensations. My mouth kisses her neck, nose buried in her soft hair, mmm, gentle smell of perfume. My hands follow the curve of her back, tracing the little canal up the middle as I drop slightly to gain access to her breasts, sucking and nibbling at her hard, sensitive nipples. She reaches down, one hand from the front one from behind as they meet at her pussy. She rubs around her engorged clit with her fingertip while the other hand is fingering her pussy. The sensations become overwhelming and she cums, the first of many orgasms tonight. I like to fuck with the lights on, she knows this and takes advantage of my weakness to her smooth shaved pussy, parting herself with her hands. I can take no more and devour her, my mouth cupping her entire vagina. I rest my tongue against her slit and hold it there firmly, working it slowly. Her hands return to her tits, hips rocking gently to my tongue fucking. It's not long til her second cumming, her knees weaken under the intense waves of pleasure, she can barely balance in her whore shoes.

More to Cum!

Three Weeks!

Valkommen Readers! If you read my post yesterday, then it's probably no big surprise, but today marks three weeks since my last cumming. Twenty one days folks! How much longer will this go on?

In other news, guess who was a BAD boy recently? OK, that was too easy, yeah yours truly. I was at a friend's place having supper the other night. After dinner, I found out that his room mate's dog was in one of the spare rooms of the apartment, penned up. I'm a sucker for animals, so I went in to give the dog some pats on the head and closed the door behind me so he wouldn't get out. He was pretty happy to see a friendly face. Anyway, while I was petting the dog, I noticed right there next to me was a laundry basket. Oh boy, the curiousity got the best of me. I could see what looked like a thin wasitband in one corner. Could it be? I listened to make sure no one was coming and quickly leaned over to get a better look. My eyes did not deceive me, it was indeed a pair of thong panties. Again I listened to see if the coast was clear, then feeling somewhat safe, I reached over and took the panties out. Stretchy cotton Victoria's Secret thongs, the "Pink" line to be exact. Not my favorite, but heck, beggars can't be choosers right?! Anyway, I carefully went hamper diving and found no less than five pairs of panties. Four were of the pink line, but one was an "Angels" line nylon panty. It was exquisite, floral piping ran up the front panel, the waist and leg openings had no thick line of elastic, the material simply ended there with a very thin stitching. They were like a delicate lavender colored flower. I brought them to my nose and enjoyed the faint scent, a mixture of perfume and pussy, mmm. I had to be careful as the door was not locked and the floors are carpeted, so someone could easily enter the room at any moment. I nervously stuffed the panties into my pocket. Not all of them, just the Angels one, the others I had carefully placed back into the hamper. Oh how I wanted those panties. I thought about taking them, then put them back. Then I put them back in my pocket. Then I put them back. Three maybe four times this happened. The owner of the panties is a statuesque Asian beauty, five feet ten inches tall, slender with perky tits and ass. The lips of her mouth pout so perfectly, seemingly made for the act of kissing and more. You can imagine my dilema, what does a panty addicted perv like myself do in such a situation? Especially with my mind not in it's clearest state right now (no doubt due to the overflowing trapped sperm swimming up into my cranium). The dog watched as the panties went back and forth from the hamper. Alas, in the hamper is where they stayed. Do the right thing, I told myself, inhaling her scent one last time before dropping her heavenly soft silky panties back in the basket.


Howdy Readers! How are my peeps doing? You all know what a ruffled panty does to me right? Today's pic comes from Met-Art, a high end site. I've got to say, they do know their art over there. The pictures featured on the tour pages are mind boggling. I am not a member, but if I was to spend my hard (no pun intended) earned cash on a site, this would be a top contender. As for the panty, mmmmm!!! Those delicate ruffles around the waist and leg openings are simply divine! And the sheer panel? Scrumptious!

Well, the journey continues on. It's now been twenty days since my last milking. My balls are noticeably full of cum. You can just feel it in there when you touch them (well if you were here and were an attractive girl and touched them). ;^) Even sitting in this chair right now, I can feel my full balls pressing against the chair and my thighs! I've been stroking my poor cock a lot too. Yesterday I almost had a repeat of the other day. The feeling was getting super intense, but I was able to stop myself before I got too close. Luckily I've had a lot to do lately and it's been taking my attention away from my need to cum. Actually, part of all this was to rearrange priorities so that the cumming would become numero uno on the list, but there always seems to be something else that needs dealing with. So that's the latest for now, see ya soon.

A Close Call

Hola Readers! How was your weekend? Hope you all had a horny good time. My ongoing saga of no O continues. Yes, that's right I actually made it through the weekend without blowing my wad! It's been eighteen days now. Saturday I had a pretty close call. I had an opportunity to wear my new Victoria's Secret garter belt and some silky nylon stockings around the house so I was pretty horny. I was teasing my poor cock all morning and finally around mid afternoon, I was on a razor thin edge of letting go. I kept stroking and stopping, stroking and stopping. I told myself I'd better stop because I was getting so close, but I just couldn't, the pleasure was too intense. Finally, I felt a powerful orgasm one stroke away and I had to grab myself really hard to stop it. My poor cock was left twitching in the air, for quite some time I might add. I think it was hoping to get one last touch so it could unload my balls. Actually the next time I took a leak, the pee was kind of cloudy and it foamed on the surface of the water. Probably some cum that made it's way out somehow.

It's My Blogversary!

Looks like your baby girl is growing up!
(Yes, the pics are really me. I thought maybe after a year you deserved a peek at the real A. Secret. Shhhh!)

One year ago today I was jonsin hard. I have always been full of want and I will always need but I started this blog as a way for me to be able to get out my frustrations, a place to let the passion have expression. What I wasn't expecting was to make so many friends here in Blogland. In comments and emails I am continually reminded how lucky I am to know so many of you.

I have posted 84 times now. My hit counter has jumped to over 66,000 in just six months. My profile has been viewed almost 4,000 times. I've even been Fleshbotted. It's amazing and so much fun. I owe it all to you! I love when you tell me, I love when you want me, and I love when I cum with you in mind. Thank you!

So who wants to party with me? As always, the first round is on me. Oh, and I'm quite certain birthday spankings are in order!
A. Secret

All Honey Sweet

I entered the office cafeteria in a rush late one morning. All I was looking for was something quick for breakfast, but as soon as I turned the corner she was standing there staring over the eggs and pancakes. Pooh is a tall slender chocolate doll. If Black Barbie were real, Pooh would be her. Her light brown eyes looked up to me as her pretty lips spread to a sultry smile. She was showing off her long slender yet sturdy legs in a short, black, free flowing skirt. Her sandals were high and I remember complimenting her on them. I extended my arms and she giggled as she came in for a hug.

Mmmm she smelled fresh like flowers, her long black hair collected in my hands in a mass as I brushed her back up and down slowly. Her large fluffy breasts pressed hard against me.

"How are you today?" I hummed in her ear in the sexiest Barry White deep voice I could muster.

"I'm good, darling. U?"

"Better now." I smiled as her plentiful cleavage waved at me from between our separating embrace. She giggled as I gave her a full look up and down.

Wait, what the hell did I come here for? There was something I wanted. I thought hard as I watched her strut by me, her ass bounced the skirt to and afro.

"I want pancakes." She pouted.

oh riiiiiiight! Breakfast!

"Have 'em." I strutted confidently over to Mack, the cafeteria clerk and brought him in for the brother man pound and hug.

"They aren't good for you." She retorted

"Only have two small ones." I looked over the Nutri-Grain bars, grabbed a strawberry and then looked in the fridge for a yogurt parfait. Strawberries, blueberries, granola this all went well with my self imposed diet.

Pooh looked over my shoulder and decided to have a parfait as well. Reaching passed me her tits brushed my arm and I felt a shock shudder in my pants.

Easy boy, it's just breakfast.

She strutted (really she only strutted, she didn't walk, everywhere is the catwalk for Pooh) away as I gave Mack the head nod.

"Big ass titties" Mack mouthed to me as he shook his head in disbelief.

Mack rang up my parfait, I gave him an extra couple bucks for Pooh's and gave him the goodbye pound. By the time Pooh got back to the register I was heading out the door. Mack waved her on.

"He paid for yours too."

"Thank you." She fluttered her flirtatious eyes and strutted alongside me.

Next time flash me those tits won't ya sweetie...that's a great show of appreciation. They do it in New Orleans all the time.

"Do you have honey?" She smiled.

"Honey? My eyebrow razed.

"Yeah. Yogurt parfaits are great if you drizzle honey on top of them."

"I've never put honey on my...parfait."

"Try it." She handed me a packet of honey.

"So I'm just supposed to dribble this on top, huh." I smirked.

"Drizzle...not dribble."

"Right, dribble is what you do with basketballs"

Like those basketball sized breasts you have there...Good Lawd! I was just trying to get breakfast.

"Right, just drizzle it on tastes so good. You're gonna like it, trust me." Pooh smiled as we boarded the elevator.

I watched her creamy cocoa calves glide upward mixing to make creamy cocoa thighs...perfect places to drizzle honey. Her cleavage pushed through the top of her blouse. Perfect places to drizzle honey and lick, suck, flick with my tongue.

DING! My floor.

I stepped off with a wave and an oh gosh smirk. She smiled and said.

"Don't forget the honey."

How could I sweetheart? How could I?

They call me The Fury...I like the taste of honey on my tongue and Pooh's honey pot was on my mind.

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Walking Amongst the Sex Bloggers

I haven't been writing half as much as I've wanted because I've been reading my "peers". I put the quotes because some of these people have book deals, hundreds of commenters, fan clubs and real world sex with fans. I'm on the lesser end of that. I get dumb struck when I get new emails from constant readers who come out of lurkersville, then prove it by discussing at length how this blog has grown over time. Kudos to you lurking sexy beasts.

Anyway, you guys are adding to my severe horny, as is the numerous sexy crushes I have amassed just from seeing those SILF (Strangers I'd Like To Fuck) on the street and plenty of sexy convo from all you wonderful girls I've loved before. LOL

Oh and as for the sexy bloggers... I've walked amongst you, literally. I attended the "In the Flesh Erotica Book Reading" series a few months back strictly incognegro, on the low low and very hush hush. Let me say, it was a VERY sexy night of listening. It was cool watching some of the people I've read, just hang out and drink. I watched and laughed with a friend every now and again pointing bloggers out with description.

"She has that blog, I like where she lists lots of hot stuff. She's cuter than I expected."

"Oh wow, that's her. I thought she'd have much smaller tits."

"He's no where near the dashing guy he seems on his blog."

Of course, then if I were SO dashing, SO irresistible I shouldn't have been able to walk amongst you without being accosted, propositioned and groped... Although, there was that one writer (I'm sure she is one, but have yet to find her blog...I don't think) that gave me the sexy look as I walked from the bathroom.

Part of me entertained introducing myself to a few of you, especially one of you, whom I've read for quite some time. Although, the fact that you look like the wife of my 8th grade Social Studies teacher kind of weirded me out and I really would've passed out if it really were you. Loved your reading by the way.

And this isn't to say I'm so uppity or judgmental either. I enjoyed myself A LOT. In fact, I read some of the free porn/smut Rachel handed out, just the other day on the train. Kind of hard to do that covering the naked pictures with my cell phone, but I enjoy being naughty in public. Unfortunately, I didn't get one of those cupcakes, but I was too busy drinking and being anonymous. Maybe some other time.

I like being a sexy writer as much as I like being a sexy reader and I salute all of you (some of you with the appendage you prefer;-) for keeping me busy and inspiring me during those lapses in writing.

But alas the heat is here and The Heat has I'll continue to write and be a vocal, yet quiet partner of the fraternity/sorority of sex bloggers. And I promise, I'll say hello next time I'm out.

They call me The Fury...and I can be ninja silent.


I need to cum so badly.
I am unable to think of anything else.
I tell her.
"I can help you" she says.
She takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom.
Closes the door and leans me against it.
"Shhhh" she says when I start to speak.
Standing so close I can feel her heat.
I'm unsure.
She is not.
I close my eyes and give myself over.
She runs her hands over my breasts.
Thumbs grazing my nipples.
Trailing down.
Her palm flat against my stomach
Slides slowly into my jeans.
I can't help but moan.
My head falling back as her fingers find me.
So wet and slippery.
Hardly breathing in the stillness.
We stand there motionless except for her hand.
Her fingers swirling and sliding.
Running over my clit and slipping inside.
Dipping into me and taking me to that edge.
It feels so good.
So soft and so secretive.
Her fingers moving in and out of my folds.
Dipping into me and taking me to that edge.
So easily I am there for her.
So when she leans closer
And whispers into my ear
"There you go, Just like that"
"Cum for me"
I do.
I fall over that edge and let go.
Crying out with the relief of release.
Thank you

When I open my eyes I am alone.
My fingers inside my panties.
Drenched in my cum.

Like This

How do I want you to fuck me?

Today I want it hard. I want to be shoved and taken. I want you to take what you want and take it roughly. I need to be used. Nipples bitten. Ass slapped. Bend me and break me and make me cry out. I will squirm underneath you. Be man enough to hold me down. Make me submit. Kiss my mouth and pull my hair and don't give me a choice. Run your hands up my skirt and fill me knuckle deep. Make me beg for your cock. Make me plead for your fuck. Then pin my ankles in your hand and give me what I need. Take my breath away with each thrust of your thick shaft. Make me cry out. Make it hurt. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you mean it. Show me how it's done. Give me what you've got.

Hard. Is how I need you to fuck me today.

Skinny Dipping

I remember when I was young and innocent (well compared to these days) and I made a vow to myself that I'd save the unprotected sex for when I got married. Stop laughing!! It made sense then, in my naivety, that I could hold out until I'd found the woman I wanted to marry to feel the true essence of a woman. All that came tumbling down in college....

Lush and I were alone in her college apartment kissing hot and heavy on the couch. What started out as a quick chat ended up with our tongues dancing with each other. My hands firmly grabbed her wide thick bottom as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. We'd found a rhythm this time. It was way more comfortable than our first when we clumsily fumbled with each other in the dark of my bedroom trying to keep quiet as not to wake my roommates and her childhood friend that introduced us. This time, Lush stood above me and moaned loudly as I pulled her breasts from her bra and sucked her nipples. `

Her fingers pawed at the bulge in my crotch and firmly grabbed it. I could tell she was measuring me up, seeing if I was worthy. Surely, she had found that answer the last time, but this was a double check. I could tell by the inch my inch creep up and down the thickness of my shaft and the rubbing of the head with the palm of her hand, that this was a test.

"Give it to me. I want you." She whispered in my ear as my tongue swirled across the very tips of her nipples leaving them sloppily wet with saliva.

My hands unbuckled her belt, she shimmied from her baggy jeans and stepped from them exposing her pink cotton panties. There was a noticeable wet spot right at her crotch. I knew it wasn't the humidity of the late Summer air, but the increased dew of her sex that caused it. My fingers pushed her panties to the side and slid my between her plump vulva. Lush was a thick girl bordering on chunky with strong limbs and a heavy hand. A hand that forced my belt open and slid in my pants to grab a full helping of my hard cock.

"Mmmmm. I want you. Let's do this." She said sounding just like a 90s rap video.

My fingers probed deep inside her warmth, her oozy essence spread across my fingers as I finger fucked her first with one finger then two. Her moans reached a crescendo then came down.

"You have any condoms here?"

"Shit. I don't. Do you?"

"No, I don't carry them with me like that. I was lucky that I made it to my writing class much less had extra protection. What about your roommate?" I breathed as I slid my fingers to her clit.

"mmmmm, shit....No...she ain't fucking."

"You sure?" I asked. The deep softness inside her beckoned me. She was altogether soft, moist and very warm.

"Yeah. I need you Fury. Just give me one stroke." She begged.

I shook my head and continued to massage her luscious folds, her pearl and beyond. The musky smell of excitement filled the room. I stood to turn towards the door.

"Let's go to my apartment."

"I can't move. Are you kidding me? I need you right now. Fuck!" She moaned pulling me back. I sat on the arm of her couch. And sucked an errant pulsing nipple that protruded toward me. My fingers found her saturated pussy lips again and softly caressed. "Just one stroke." She begged. "I need to feel this in me." She moaned as she grabbed the whole of my thickness in her short plump fingers.

"Uh uh." I shook my head and slid two fingers deep inside of her. "These will have to do." I knew my two fingers weren't a match for the whole of me, but then I wasn't aware of the womanly need to feel a man as much as I am today.

Lush was not to be denied. She pulled my stiff cock from my pants and watched it pulse with excitement. Her lips engulfed the entire head with her warm mouth and she bobbed up and down sucking with fever, with urge, with need. Then she stopped.

"You like that?" She looked up to me with innocent eyes, her tongue flicking across the helmet of my soldier. I moaned the affirmative. "My pussy feels better than this." She whispered and sucked me hard across the helmet and as far down the shaft as she could make it before retreating back up. Her hands stroked me with wet slippery saliva. "Pleeeeassee!"

Lush stood, grabbed my fingers and forced them between her labia, A torrent of sweet nectar spread across my hands. She straddled my hand and rode softly. The suction of her sex enticing more and more. All common knowledge and sense left me immediately with her moans of "one stroke".

"One stroke." I heard my voice relent. All of a sudden I was having an out of body experience. Standing next to us watching.

Lush was giddy with excitement. Her panties dropped faster than a lost cause. her hands gripped my jeans and pulled them to mid thigh as I stood leaning against the arm of her couch. There was a loud thump of music playing outside her sliding glass doors as the headlights of an SUV rolled by and parked at the apartment next door. I felt a warm, wet squeeze on the head of my cock. She had already begun to lower herself on me. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she slowly impaled herself inch by inch relishing the promise of one stroke. There were folds and moisture inside that I had never felt before. Muscles contracted against me in a wave of orchestrated pleasure. The viscous dew of her pussy slathered around my shaft as she lowered further. Lush let out a whimper as I filled her. I felt the soft, but firm end of her tunnel the texture massaged the head of my cock.

She raised from my cock faster. Her creamy moisture smeared across my shaft. She teetered on the brink of removing him then quickly plummeted back down impaling herself deeply and sending a rush of sensation down my dick.

"Mmmm! You said one stroke." I moaned s my hands grabbed at her hips.

"I need one more." She moaned as she raised herself slowly. I watched the sticky cream spread across my shaft. I pulled her back down, gyrating my hips to massage her walls. She approved with an overwhelming grunt. I pulled her up and pounded deeper inside with a hard thrust, the rich textures of her muscles holding me tightly. "Oh shit, that's good."

Then I pulled my dick out, wiped the slick juice from my shaft and wiped it on the back of her thigh.

"Now, pull your shit up and let's finish this at my apartment."

Her eyes were wide with shock. Her sex was still puckering rom the space I had created between her labia. Her eyes were lost, her mouth gaped as she quickly pulled her panties and pants back up.

We walked quickly across the dark apartment complex in quiet.

"What the hell did you do to me? My legs won't stop shaking." She finally said.

"Adrenaline." I said in my know it all way.

"Whatever the hell..." She sucked her teeth as we bounded the last staircase.

My apartment was dark, my roommates surely were out playing suck face with the dragon bong down the street. I pulled a condom from its hiding space as she stripped in the dark.

"You ready?" I said with a pompous swagger feeling way more comfortable and ready for the charge.

"Bring it!" She tried to sound confident but was slightly unsure...

My name is The Fury...always come prepared.