Hace poco presentamos a la mujer de Nacho Vidal, una hermosura de 30 años, madre de dos hijos y toda la combinacion de sangre Colombiana y vivencia Española.

Como informamos hace dias ella debuto de la mano de Naughty America en Estados Unidos y ahora lo hace para Brazzers en la categoria, la escena se llama Showin' Skin to Mr. Sins en donde el Pelado Jhonny Sins le pega tremenda caña!!

A seguir a esta belleza latina.


Pedazo de estreno de la compania del maestro Jules Jordan en donde el gonzo es reflejado como siempre al 100%.
La peli es Ass Worship 12, un clasico de Jules en donde el sexo anal se expresa al maximo, en estos años han pasado las mejores actrices en esta famosa y consagrada saga.

Reparto:Mariah Milano, Asa Akira, Amy Brooke, Jynx Maze(primera doble penetracion), Katie Summers, Angel Vain, Ava Rose, Jules Jordan, Criss Strokes y James Deen.
Direccion:Jules Jordan
Estreno:10 de febrero
Destacar: Todo!!!! Pero el momento de Jynx y Asa son mortales, al igual que la vuelta de Ava que ojala mantenga el ritmo.



Despues de volver de mis hermosas vacaciones me encuentro con que la consagrada Janine y problematica madre esta otra vez presa por motivos de acoso a su ex y marido de su niña.

Recordemos que Jasse James es la pareja actual de la famosa actriz Sandra Bullock y actualmente tiene la tenencia de la hija de Janine, pues parece que lo molesto y acoso con mensajes de texto en donde pedia ver a su niña.
La cuestion que esto seguira y la vida de Janine es cada vez mas complicada, y destaco la cara de la foto...madre mia!!!!...queda poco de sus años dorados.

Fuente:Genesis y Milkyway

Traci Denee

Traci Denee
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Lindsay Wagner Video,

Lindsay Wagner
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Sound the Trumpets!

Hola Readers! This post marks a special occasion around here. What might that be, you ask? Well, it's only the fifth anniversary of the Badside, that's all! It actually rolled through about a week ago. Hard to believe it's been five years since this blog started, crazy huh?!! Anyway, you know me, life's all about the good times, yeah, celebration time! I've made some great friends here along the way and met some very sexy ladies too. The blog has had almost 220,000 hits since I started keeping track about halfway through 2007, so who knows maybe I've had a quarter of a million hits by now, not bad at all. I hope that this blog has had a positive affect on people who have come through and read it. Thanks to all you loyal readers, even if many of you never leave comments, I still appreciate you coming by here.

Last year, as many of you may remember, was a pretty tough year for me in many ways and the low amount of postings reflected that. There were a couple of months where I just couldn't find the mental energy to post anything at all, so it really means a lot to me that people were still coming by and checking to see if I had posted anything new. Those of you who did that, I'm throwing a big thank you your way!

Ri-ri is helping me celebrate by being super sexy in some grannies! I found these pics on the interwebs and was blown away by them. What does it mean? Will the granny make a cum back? Sadly probably not, but who knows, fashion seems to be cyclical so maybe they'll be back in the rotation someday. Maybe Ri-ri can change a few minds, what d'ya think? How's that for having your cake and eating it too?

A Lunch Meeting with Dulce

The unbearable humidity of New York City in July had everyone staying inside their office buildings and ordering lunch. A small three dollar tip could get some hardworking immigrant to do the sweating and walking (or riding) for you. Ninety-eight degrees with a heat index of one hundred and three is not to be fucked with.

Of course with all of the extra orders it was taking my lunch and extra long time to arrive. A normal twenty minute window expanded to forty-five. I had time to roam the halls and the other floors. Maybe I'd catch a glimpse of a sexy new somebody in the lobby.

Five minutes into my wandering, I turned a corner and saw Dulce swaying toward the outer most doors of the offices where she worked.

She had on a flowing sundress which still showed off her wide hips, small waste and small firm tits. The halter exposed her arms which were showing the impressions of her workouts.

I cleared my throat loudly.

Dulce flipped her wavy hair over one shoulder and with a smirk stopped her four inch heels from advancing into the door.


"I guess brother's been poppin that yang all day…" I shrugged.

"Wear a dress to work and everyone wants to comment."

"I'll leave you alone."

"No. Come walk me to my office so all of the fools will see you and stop their Mmms and oh damns!"

Great. Now I'm security.

…But I wasn't mad.

Dulce linked her arm with mine. The smell of her perfume lightened my step.

As we walked, her hips swayed and brushed mine. I immediately had flashbacks of her nude skin on mine, her touch, her taste, the spanglish she spoke when I entered her. The Spanish she spoke when I made her climax.

It seemed so long ago.

"You're thinking bad thoughts, I can tell." She said.

I looked down to make sure I wasn't sporting wood.

She laughed.

We made it through her office with several side glances aimed in my direction. A few punk ass dudes flashed jealous looks.

I glared back. 'Say something…didn't think so'

She closed the door behind me.

"Thanks sexy." She moved closer.

"You're welcome."

Our lips touched.

"Nice dress."

"You're just thinking about what's underneath it."

"I am… What's back there?" I pointed to a closed door at the back of her office.

"Storage closet and temp controls. The building engineers have been in here three times already to turn up the a/c."

"Can I see?"

"The temp controls?" She stood with one leg kicked out so I could just view her thick calf beneath the dress.

"Yes.." I motioned her to the door.

She opened it. The room was dark except for the shaft of light that shone through the open door.

"Pretty cool in here."


She kissed me as my hands found and firmly palmed her round ass. My hand found the loose material covering her breasts, slipped between it, then her bra and stroked the tip of her nipple with the tip of my finger. It responded to my touch by moving closer.

"We can't do this here."

"Just one moment…" My mouth watered.

I slid downward caressing the soft material of her dress. My knees found the floor and my hands the bottom hem of her dress. With a woosh I was beneath it and sinking lower. There was a scent of honeysuckle and ginger. My index finger slipped her thin thong to the side as I dipped lower.

Dulce expressed a low mumble.

My tongue touched her soft lower lips and kissed softly. These were the temp controls I like to manipulate. My hands held her steady then slid one of her thighs over my shoulder for easier access. There wasn't much time.

Her lips spread just slightly with my tongue. Her mild nearly imperceptible taste entered my mouth. She moaned softly as my tongue fluttered across her entrance and then up to her hard waiting clit.

Dulce's hips pushed forward as my tongue played against her clit. Her warm pussy pressed against my face in the darkness. My hands caressed the soft skin of her ass as she swayed with each tongue flick and lip suck.

I was greedy for her and rewarded her sexy waxed lips with a more slick warm attention. A hungry dirty freak on his knees sucking her clit in a room full of reams of paper and files.

Her mumbles rose to moans.

"Mmm, your tongue is good. Shit. Coño!" She pulled away, staggered backward and leaned against some shelves. "I can not fuck you in here."

"You weren't. I was tongue fucking you…" I said from my knees with a stiff dick battering from within my dress pants.

"Yeah there was only one place that was gonna go, you little freak." She slipped her hand under her dress and adjusted her panties to cover her wet pussy.

She smiled as I stood, approached her and rubbed my throbbing manhood against the soft material between her legs.

" me later…"


"Shit!" She whispered. "Put that away." She pushed the tent in my pants downward.

"It won't go away if you touch it." I said.

I sat in her guest chair as she answered the door.

It was the building engineer again,

"Sorry, they want the a/c turned up again." He said.

"Yeah, It's hot in here." I bellowed.

Dulce gave me the 'smart ass' look.

"I gotta run. Thanks for lunch, Dulce. We'll chat later."

"Ok!" She said chipper as a chipmunk.

I walked through the office on the way out and gave a wink to one of her jealous co-workers.

"Stay cool out there, homie." I nodded.

I headed to the lobby where my delivery guy had been impatiently waiting.

"Sorry for the wait. Keep the change."

He smiled a big happy grin, but not as big as mine.

They call me The Fury and I like to eat out for lunch.

Francesca Frigo

Mitad italiana y mitad venezolana, Francesca es una chica nacida en 1986 en Venezuela y que emigró a los EEUU junto a su familia cuando tenía 16 años. Estudió diseño y moda, Mercadotecnia y obviamente parte de su tiempo lo dedica al modelaje.
Estatura 170 cm
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