Another Era

Hola mi Amigos y Amigas! How are you all doing? I found yet another fascinating lesson in history that I just knew would be of interest to you all. It's so funny because back when I was a kid in school, I found history SO boring. Maybe it was the teachers, or maybe it was the presentation. All I know is that I didn't like it very much. Now if they were giving a lesson on say, I don't know, maybe the panty raids that swept American college campuses in the 1950's, then yeah, I probably would have paid more attention! Anyway, here's a link to the article, very interesting stuff, must have been a quite a time.

Naughty Behavior

Abenaki Readers! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful (a good thing). I took in a movie, but sadly there were just no sexy scenes to tell you about. I did however come across this very funny little snippet that I thought you, my horny readers, would enjoy.

This guy is hilarious!

A Hot Race on Slicks

I was somewhere between my second and third set of an intense circuit training workout when I heard a light clatter on the staircase descending into the basement. High heels? I pushed the weights high.

"Seven" I exhaled.

There was a faint knock I could barely hear over the "old school at noon" hip hop I was blasting on my workout radio.

"Come in." I inhaled. My eyes faced the ceiling. "Eight." I exhaled then peaked over the bar.

Mercedes stood there in a white blouse and black skirt with a smirk on her face. She was as pretty as ever. Both her brown doe eyes and now longer black hair glistened. She was clearly in professional mode.

I racked the bar and sat up.

"What are you doing here?" I huffed reaching for my bottled water and taking a sloppy gulp. Driblets of water escaped my mouth and peppered the already sweat moist t-shirt I wore. The Summer heat was entering the room through a small window, which also was the only way to let in fresh air.

"I'm on lunch. So, I raced over." She walked toward me checking her watch. "I made good time." She peered out the window to see the concrete above. The window was at foot level to those outside. Using her consistently manicured nails, she pulled the curtain down covering the window.

"Why the rush?" I eyed the curling bar as the precious seconds between sets began to tick away. My workout was being compromised and I was in a rush to keep my Summer body properly fit.

"I don't have on any panties, Marcusssssssss." She purred like Eartha Kitt in "Boomerang".

I laughed until she slid her left hand up the front of her skirt revealing the shaved brown lips of her flower. Her manicured finger slid between the petals and brought a sticky moist index finger within inches of my eyes. It was so close I could smell her soapy excited aroma. I flicked my tongue out to catch her finger and she retracted it. Her hands opened her shirt giving her heaving breasts more space. They surged against her black bra with cleavage bubbling.

"I told you I'm on lunch. I raced over here. I don't have time to waste."

"What'd you come by for?"

"Don't play with me!" She groaned and turned the radio up to an ear rattling level. She pulled the waistband of my swishy pants beneath my already stiff manhood and stroked him with her warm fingers. "Good you're ready already." Her mouth dipped low and wet the tip. Her left leg flung over my body and she lowered herself swiftly. "This is gonna feel so fucking" Her warmth enveloped me. She was sticky and warm.

Her body shivered against mine as she took me slowly inch by inch. I felt the warm quake of her breath in my ear as her breathing fluttered. The deeper I went, the more of a flutter. Her hands clenched my shoulders, her lips took mine as she exhaled into my mouth announcing the end of her sweet sticky valley. The tip of my probe rubbed her end wall. Her breasts bucked against my chest as she ground against me. I slid my hands underneath her black skirt and held each globe of her round ass to apply more pressure.

Clink Clank Clink Clank

The weight bench swayed under our movements.


She raced harder on top of me reaching for the elusive finish line. Her mouth returned to my ear where I could feel the warm air of her inhale and exhale. The other ear heard the blaring of an 80s hip hop beat. She rocked to the beat.

ClinkClankClinketyClank Clank Clank Clank

"Yes...f-f-f-f-fuck." She panted adding a stiffness to my manhood. The breeze sent the curtain high then low. She was hot and tight against me. Her vigorous grinds massaged my tip deep within her. I knocked on her third wall. She'd found a master spot. Even though she was racing, she held back from the goal. She teased herself slightly. She built up the anticipation like a driver downshifting to coast across the checkered border.

Clink Clank Clink Clank Clink Clank

I pulled her left nipple from her bra and sucked it hard, my teeth gave it a tender graze. Her back arched toward me nearly suffocating me in her soft brown hills. Her hands held the back of my head as she sped off unable to hold back any longer.


Her body shuddered against me a climax rocking her body. Her hard nipple protruded against the inside of my cheek. Her firm backside jerked against my thighs with her sticky winnings oozing down my sweaty inner thighs.

"Cum for me now." She grunted in my ear. "Don't hold back."

I lifted her with legs pasted to the side of my body and a surprised gasp erupted from her lips. Holding her by her sweat beaded behind, I shimmied as I carried her to the carpeted floor used for crunches. It seemed I was going to get my full circuit done.

I laid her with her back flat and legs high. The tip of my thickness teased the lips of her moisture filled flower. Dipping the arch of my bare ass in the air, I entered her fully and swiftly.

A short groan escaped her lips bellowing over the sounds of hip-hop's golden era. She loved that stroke more than the one that brought her orgasm. I was driving toward the finishing line. I was a jubilant second place, sliding on the slick tight track of her sex. Her muscles spasmed against me down there. Her hands were full of my pumping ass cheeks.

"Cum for me. I'm racing. I'm racing. Do it now." She moaned in my ear with a growl. She gasped as I pulled my lust slicked sex from her. Her sleepy eyes went wider at the sight of my hand giving myself the last lap strokes.

Mercedes moaned as I exploded. She watched the product of our motions and the end of my race squirting against the concrete pavement. She reached down and milked the last drops from the victory lap and watched it run against her fingers.

I sat up on my knees and watched her arch and swivel until she was standing again. She turned her back to me. Hhalf of her skirt was pasted against the top of her ass revealing one red hued rug burned ass cheek. She wiped her manicured fingers on the towel hanging from the exercise bike then drained large gulps of water from my bottle and smiled.

"Thanks darling. Time to go. I'll let myself out. You finish your work out. I'm racing." She kissed me quickly.

I heard the door close behind me and the clatter of heels running up the stairs. My pants still at my knees, I shimmied over to the window. My slicked manhood bopped and dripped small drips of excitement on the floor. With the curtain lifted, I watched Mercedes' strong brown legs speed to her car. I heard the door open then close. The engine started and she sped away.

They call me The Fury...I give tune-ups


Claro yo tambien tengo derecho,si lo tuvo la Princesa Culona por que yo no,la verdad en lo personal fue un año cansador y si le agrego este nuevo hobbie que es el bloggear mas todavia.

Asi que me tomare 10 dias para desconectarme y pedirles que sigan viendo porno y disfrutando de este mundo.



Si esta morocha que viene triunfando el domingo 22 de febrero cumplira 27 años y la verdad tiene mucho para festejar su union con Jules Jordan y sus dos ultimos premios AVN a mejor pornstar del año y a mejor escena en pretty as they cum.

Ya tiene 4 premios AVN si no me equivoco,la verdad que es una actriz que nunca me gusto,ni la cara,ni el cuerpo aunque reconozco que se mata trabajando y folla muy bien.
Luego con tiempo comentaremos mejor de Jenna.

Feliz cumple Jenna!!!


Playin' Footsie

Hola Readers! The weeks almost over, don't you just love short weeks?! Whilst surfing the internets, as I so often do, looking for images to turn me on, I came across a foot fetish site which I thought I'd post for Sheen (after reading his post about his love for women's feet and shoes) The site has an amazing array of foot fetish pics in large size (for use as wallpaper I'd guess), tons of celebrity pics, many of whom I am not familiar with at all.

I've never considered myself a foot or shoe person myself, but after reading Sheen's post I kind of had my eyes opened a bit. I know for a fact that many women spend an inordinate amount of time on shoes, shopping for them, trying them on, organizing them at home and just plain thinking about them. I guess I never had much appreciation for all that effort put into shoes, but after looking at some of the pictures, I'm definitely much more aware of them. I don't know, feet and shoes don't really turn me on, but I can at least see and understand how they might have that effect on someone else. Some of the shoes on that site are absolute jewels, pure eye candy, even for me. In the end I can't blame someone for loving shoes so much (man or woman), they really can make or break an outfit.


La pechugona rubia SUNRISE ADAMS es sobrina de la recientemente retirada actriz SUNSET THOMAS que justo hoy cumple 37 años y esta en el salon de la fama de los AVN.
Me quedo con la mas joven pero admito todo lo que ha hecho Sunset en el negocio.


Aca les dejo una galeria de Nuestra hermosa Amy que filmo para la web MR BIG DICK HOT CHIKS,que encabeza el actor porno Julian Andretti(esta casado con Lanny Barbie).
La escena la hace junto a el en una pisina para luego pasar a la cama.
Buena escena que recomiendo bajar en donde veremos claramente los nuevos ojos claros de Amy.
Les dejo 3 fotos y el enlace a la pagina.


El momento de esta MILF como venimos diciendo no es joda,es de lo mejor,no para de trabajar y la viene bien todo,features,gonzos,en las webs o como pinte.
Ahora se presenta para WICKED en un film del flaco Jonathan Morgan,THE COUGAR HUNTER
El reparto es con Lisa Ann, Brenda James, Nicole Sheridan, Priya Rai, Rayveness.
Se estrena el 25 de febrero.


Hey Y'all! How is your week going? I was watching the history channel last week and saw an interesting show about the history of sex. The show was broken down into a series of one hour episodes, each one covering a time period. I only saw like one and a half, but what I saw was pretty interesting.

They talked about how the aristocrats of Europe were having wild orgies and such. Apparently the regular folk didn't take kindly to the news and that was just one more thing to piss them off, thus the French Revolution. Apparently, the early European settlers used to be quite prudish which perplexed the natives already here. While the natives weren't running around fucking in the streets, they did think of sex as being quite natural and not such a shameful activity. The new cummers (LOL) often shared a giant bed for the whole family, so the parents might be fucking right next to the kids (YUCK!). They also said that if a young man had come for supper and stayed too late to make it home, they'd put him in the bed too, but they had a wooden plank (forgot what they called it) they'd stick on top of the sheets between the guy and his intended target so the horny bastard couldn't fuck their daughter. Talk about cock blocking!

One thing I found fascinating was the description of the Victorian times. Sex was considered very much taboo for women. They were only to have sex for reproduction purposes. Men weren't even supposed to see a woman in the nude. Doctors of that time had to treat female patients while the women were fully clothed, so they really had no idea what was going on. Ironically, this coming at a time when major breakthroughs were just beginning in the science world. Funny, but the men would read tawdry books which often had the theme of a woman who is forced to have sex (again women were NOT supposed to crave sex) and then become a sex crazed nymphomaniac after. The "good girl" gone bad fantasy is still very much prevalent in today's porn. That's what the gone wild dvds they sell on TV are all about, the nice girl from next door who goes crazy and shows her tits and sucks and fucks strange guys cocks. Hmm, that's turning me on just thinking of it! ;^) Another favorite was the tale of a white girl who is captured and sold to a Sheik who makes her a wife (illustration above). She holds off his advances, until one night he is overcome with pent up lust and takes her by force. Of course she also becomes a sex fiend after her initial night of passion. Well, if you happen to get the History channel take a look and see if they're airing the series again, it was pretty interesting stuff.


Los años de Abbey son 26 recien cumplidos este 17 de febrero,esta rubia pechugona de buenas interpretaciones esta en carrera y mostrando lo mejor de ella.

Recordar que ella salio en la multigalardonada pirates 2.

Feliz cumple Abbey!!!!



Hey Everyone! How was your Valentine's Day? I saw actress Tricia Helfer on TV the other night and she mentioned that she doesn't like greeting card holidays including Valentine's Day. Maybe not so surprising when you consider the fact that she's pretty dang smoking hot, so she most likely gets showered with romance on a daily basis. Still, I give her props for standing up and telling it like it is.

I watched a DVD called Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I know what you're thinking, some stupid guy movie or something right? Wrong, this is actually a decent date movie believe it or not. The movie stars Seth Rogan, that funny guy who seems to be everywhere recently (Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, etc). Anyway, without ruining it for you, the movie is about a couple of friends, who happen to be a guy and girl and who need to come up with some quick money so they decide to make a porno. The lead girl Miri is played by Elizabeth Banks who does a great job of selling the character. The two lead characters have great chemistry as they trade insults and discuss vile topics together. They joke freely about each other's masturbation toys and such. She plays the character great, but in reality it's hard to find a girl who looks like her and talks about things like that so openly (Jenny McCarthy comes to mind). Anyway, where the heck was I going with all this? Well, the movie kind of starts the ball rolling with the lovely Miri undressing and revealing her gigantic granny pantys. It's pretty funny. They are not sexy at all either, they look like cotton with some little flowers on them. They make some pretty good jokes about them too. That's her pictured above and in case you were hoping she does NOT get naked or even topless in the movie...sorry! Also of note, classic porn star Traci Lords is in the film too and she also shows not a nipple...disappointing! I liked the movie overall and think it's worth a rent, it just would have been that much better with more female nudity. ;^D


Me puse a analizar que paises aportan mas al porno actual en Estados Unidos y logicamente CANADA me dejo sorprendido,por que logicamente y su cercana ubicacion geografica parece como si siguiera siendo el mismo pais,pero respetemos su bandera y disfrutemos de todo lo que nos brinda este pais.

A nivel de actrices son varias y de primer nivel como Lanny Barbie y su hermanastra Kimberly Franklin(prestar atencion a la foto en el trio junto a Manuel Ferrara,ambas comparten el mismo tatuaje y la pasion por el porno) o por ejemplo Shyla Stylez tan gonzera y trabajadora.

Lauren Phoenix tambien nacio en estas tierras,su gran culo y su reciente vuelta al porno nos hace tenerla presente.
Dos angeles nuevos y jovenes como Kylee Strutt y Sunny Leone tambien pasaron la frontera`para triunfar con su belleza.

Nikki Benz de origenes alemanes tambien es de Canada al igual que la tatuada y hermosa joven de Digital Playground Sophia Santi que esperemos le de por filmar con hombres y deje un poco de lado las escenas solo con mujeres.

Y los hombres tambien se hacen presentes en esta seccion y nombrare a 3 Actores/directores de primer nivel como son Erik Everhard,Peter North y Brad Armstrong que han demostrado su talento para este negocio en todos sus aspectos sean features o gonzo dependiendo el caso.
Resumiendo CANADA se hace presente en el porno constantemente,con calidad y belleza.
Creo que valia la pena reconocerlo y saberlo,y si saben de alguien mas con renombre que sea de estas tierras diganlo.


Les dejo estas fotos de Tory Lane en la alfombra roja de los premios AVN en ediciones desde el 2007 al 2009,es diferente verla asi no? Esta hermosa,tan fina,tan delicada,tan femenina y pensar que es una guarrilla maquina de follar jeje!!

Beyond the Call of Booty 3

Esta es la ultima pelicula del director y actor canadiense Erik Everhard(el loquito).
Aca veremos un reparto joven y de gran futuro con Savannah Stern, Jessica Lynn, Katya, Dakoda Brookes, Memphis Monroe, Asa Akira, Riley Rey.
La verdad que Dakoda esta creciendo a grandes pasos y Jessica,Memphis junto a Savannah es un trio de actrices que ya tienen su nombre en el negocio gracias a las webs como Brazzers o Bangbros,recomiendo la escena de Memphis junto a Erik y Mr Pete en un trio sin desperdicio,le pegan un baile a la rubia!!
Y descubri a esta japonesa Asa Akira que me parece muy sexy y vaya culo que tiene si no mirar la foto,tendremos que ver sus escenas y ver su futuro.
La peli dura casi 5 horas contando el detras de camara,la produccion como siempre es de Jules Jordan y la dire de Erik Everhard(siempre duro),se estrena el 23 de febrero y la verdad es muy recomendable.
Les dejo algunas fotos de la peli,SALUDOS PERVERT.


Como sabran los cambio de looks de Amy de morocho a rubio y de rubio a morocho es una constante,en esta escena nueva de Brazzers en la saga doctor adventures veremos a una Amy Reid mas rubia y con ojos claros al igual que en big wet tits 7 de Elegant Angel.
Les dejo una demostracion y el enlace a la galeria.
Es que a nuestra diosa le queda bien cualquier cosa.....



A Dana DeArmond se le quemo toda su casa y sus pertenencias en enero del 2007 en Los Angeles y que la industria del porno hizo varias ayudas beneficas para poder recuperar todo lo que perdio,es que no es facil empezar de cero.
Unos años antes del porno tuvo problemas con el alcohol y se considera gran amiga de Belladonna y Bobbi Star.
Una chica hard en todas sus facetas y con gran futuro!!!


Es lo ultimo de Elegant Angel y realmente promete,una gran saga esta vez con un reparto de culos hermosos como son Jayden Jaymes, Kelly Divine, Kristina Rose, Ava Rose, Andi Anderson, Austin Taylor.
Bien por Jayden James cada dia mas linda y hace poco tambien salio en massive boobs.
Ava Rose es otro encanto y en la tapa de la peli la veo mas culona que nunca,en algun lado comentaban que habia tenido problemas por estar mas gordita(club de stiptease).
La peli sale el 24 de febrero y la dirige Sam No.


Parece que Shyla Stylez quiere ser la Jenna Haze o Lisa Ann del año pasado,ya que en la productora Third Degree saco 2 peliculas en este mes,ambas prometen por sus tematicas y repartos.
La primera es Breast Seller 5 en donde veremos a Brooke Belle, Tyler Faith, Nikki Benz y Trina Michaels que sigue actuando a pesar de su pasion por la lucha libre.

La otra peli es Bleached to the Bone en donde destaca la hermosura de esta canadiense que a pesar de sus años esta de lujo,como los vinos.
La peli es de rubias exuberantes y buenos actores como Riley Evans, Angelina Ash, Andi Anderson, Shawna Lenee, Ben English, John Strong, Pat Myne, Johnny Sins, Mark Ashley.
Hay que ver a Riley y Shawna que seguro estaran de lujo en esta produccion.
La dire es de Danny Case y se estrenara el 17 de este mes.


Un estreno que certifica mi anterior entrada en donde vemos a una Lisa Ann bien sexual,trabajadora e inteligente para los negocios,el mejor ejemplo es esta presentacion de Zero Tolerance en donde la pelicula se centra en Lisa y una gran cantidad de actores.
La peli es interactiva o sea que las opciones,vestuario,fantasias y angulos estaran al gusto del espectador.
La dire es de Mike Quasar y saldra a la venta el 17 de febrero.


Asi lo decidio los AVN de este año dandole el premio a la MILF del año y es que la verdad no tuvo descanso,no paro de trabajar haciendo gran cantidad de peliculas y escenas para webs en donde Lisa nos demuestra su talento y apetitopor el sexo.
La descubri en 1994 en Dirty Western un film del lejano oeste en donde se ve una Lisa de 21 años en donde era una perfeccion,unas tetas enormes y duras con un cuerpo perfecto,esa escena la hace con Ian Daniels en un granero lo recuerdan?
Al poco tiempo la vi en la isla de la fantasia o algo asi,en donde Lisa hace de niña inocente con un look muy angelical(portando una capelina en su cabeza) y recuerdo una escena con todo el morbo en esa peli,es con el fallecido John Dough en donde ella es obligada a hacerle una mamada de lujo y el le termina en la cara,largando abundante y espeso.
Me encantaba esta chica hasta que dejo por un tiempo y se borro de los mapas como tantas pero luego volvio hecha una milf despues de años y sigue teniendo ese talento intocable,logicamente que cambios fisicos hay muchos,su piel no es la misma,sus senos se nota que han tenido mas de una operacion pero no por eso Lisa sigue estando hermosa y guarra.

Nacio en mayo del 72 o sea que va para los 37 nada mal,Ella se inició en el baile erótico alrededor de 1990 para pagarse los estudios, obtuvo el título de ayudante de dentista. En julio de 1994, se mudó a California para iniciar su carrera en el porno, pero la abandonó en 1997 debido a la corriente de casos de SIDA que afectó a la industria aquellos años. Estuvo varios años viajando como bailarina en numerosos clubs de striptease por todo el país. Después de tanto tiempo viajando, Lisa decidió instalarse y dedicarse completamente a su matrimonio y a su nuevo negocio de balneario. Posteriormente se divorció y vendió su balneario, Lisa emprendió su objetivo a largo plazo y entró de nuevo en la industria como agente, por lo que poco tiempo después volvió para actuar, aproximadamente en 2004.Actualmente ella aparece como una de las estrellas de la categoría MILF en webs de éstos contenidos como son y

Lisa fundó su propia agencia de talentos en noviembre de 2006, Clear Talent Management. Combinado con su fama en la industria adulta, su éxito duradero, y su capacidad de instruir y dirigir a los demás, su lista de nuevos talentos creció rápidamente. En agosto de 2007, Lisa se vio obligada a dejar de usar su nombre y lo renombró como Lisa Ann's Talent Management (LATM).
El 11 de diciembre de 2007, la industria adulta anunció la combinación de Seymore Butts' Lighthouse Agency con LATM. Esencialmente, Lisa Ann ha asumido Lighthouse Agency y la cuantía de representados ha alcanzado cotas aún más altas que antes.

El 2 de octubre de 2008, Lisa Ann fue confirmada como la estrella que protagonizaría Who's Nailin 'Paylin?'parodiando a la candidata republicana a la Vicepresidencia Sarah Palin. La película, producida por Larry Flynt de Hustler Video, retrata a Lisa Ann en escenas de sexo con otras mujeres estrellas porno parodiando a famosas figuras políticas, como Hillary Clinton y Condoleezza Rice.
Todavia no tuve el placer de verla.

De algo no hay dudas es toda una empresaria,se toma su trabajo y negocios en serio,y no por eso nodeja de fornicar y tener gran amor por las pollas(pijas)aunque se considera bisexual,mide 1,57m y pesa 50 kg,le encanta filmar escenas con hombres negros y bien dotados y admite que le produce una sensacion especial.

De mis preferidas en esta categoria junto a Tiffany Mynx,Julia Ann,Holly Halston y alguna que no recuero en estos momentos..cuantos años tendremos mas a Lisa en el negocio..solo ella lo sabe,ojala sea por muchos mas.


Como lo hizo Tory Lane,Amy se puso celosa y aqui tenemos la primera parte de los rostros de Amy.Aca veremos fotos de calidad de su rostro y sus expresiones en pleno acto sexual.
Ami en lo particular en esta seccion creo que Tory es mas Expresiva y guarra y sus caras son de lujo.Igual disfruten a nuestra Amy.